I am so excited about this series, The LBD’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You because helping women be emotionally and physically strong, healthy and fit is so important to me.

Women are just plain busy and if you are a busy mom like me, I know you often put your needs last. Living a fit and a healthy life is what we all desire  for our mind, body and spirit and it is my goal to help you get what you want!

Some of the things I will share are really obvious.  You may even think to yourself, really, of course I know that.

But it is always good to remind ourselves of the more practical common-sense tips, as well as some less familiar ideas.

Each Tuesday I will be sharing some essential healthy living tips and I look forward to you following along!

I hope they bless you and help you jump-start taking better care of yourself.  Just start somewhere, anywhere is better than nowhere. Because dear friend, we have to be the ones to take care of ourselves, no else can do it for us.  

#1.  Eat Right! Feel Right!

Bottom line is, if you eat great, you will feel great.  We must eat well.  It is critical to our health.

I feel any extreme diet will be hard to maintain over the long-term, so I always suggest moderation.  If you want to eliminate bread for a while, that is fine.  But when you try to give up all carbs, well to me life is just to short to give them up completely.

The best diet is one  full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, fish and lean meat.

Whole grain bread, pasta and brown rice.

Remember eat the super foods.  Eat bananas, apples, blueberries, oranges, avocados, tomatoes and sweet potatoes too. Eat plenty of salmon and lean meat,and always more chicken and less beef.  Go ahead and indulge in real butter, but don’t go crazy. Everything I have read says real butter is better for you than all the processed margarine.

Add flax-seed, old fashion rolled oats and whole wheat flour whenever you can.

Eat almonds, cashews, and trail mix in moderation. Cook with extra virgin olive oil and even coconut oil.

Enjoy yogurt topped with granola, low-fat of course!  Incorporate as many foods that are not processed, but are fresh. That is key.

Buy organic food if you can and when you can.  Organic milk and eggs are a great place to spend a little extra money.

Limit wine, it is really not your friend.  If you can drink one glass a day, that is good for you.  But if you drink more than one glass each night, researchers say that it is simply just  too much. So move on and let it go.

#2. Drink Plenty of Water – 6 to 8 glasses a day

Hydrating  the body is so important.  It makes you feel and look younger.  Drinking plenty of water can deter overeating as well. Try to reach for a glass of H2O when at all possible.

#3. Say nice things to yourself

It is so important to remember that what you say to yourself all day long has an impact on your mind, body and spirit.  We have an internal dialogue with ourselves all the time. We speak about 150 to 200 words a minute, but the internal dialogue or self talk as it is commonly refered, to is more like 1,300 words per minute. Theses are thoughts, images and sentences running through our minds throughout the day.

If you are constantly saying negative things to yourself, you, my dear, will begin to believe all  these negative thoughts. Bottom line is your self-image will reflect it.

So begin to build a new self-image and start say nice things to yourself!  You will be glad you did.  Be positive and start speaking blessing over your life.

#4.Take Dietary Supplements

Supplements are good because we can’t always get what we need in our food.  vitamins help complete your healthy diet.

My favorite vitamins are: a women’s multi-vitamin, B complex, D3, Evening Primrose for balance hormones, Acai Berry, Royal Jelly. Sam-e is also a great one for mood and joints (if you are under a lot of stress). Calcium for bones and their are great vitamin’s for you eye sight.

I love vitamin C and really love Emergen-C.  These are great powder packs you just put in a your water!

This may sound like a lot of vitamins, but start somewhere. I have been taking vitamins for a long time because I so needed them.  I can tell when I haven’t had them,  but remember everyone is different.

Also buy only vitamins made in the United States. They are better quality and better regulated. Ease into supplements to make sure you are not having any adverse reactions. Go to a good herb shop and do your research. And talk to your doctor. Unfortunately, some doctors do not believe in supplements, but I have always been blessed with doctors who do.

#5.Therapeutic Massage can be a Life Saver.

Incorporate therapeutic massage into your life.  Massage can be one of the greatest gift you can give yourself.  If your life is highly stressful or you seem to hold onto your stress, this is an invaluable way to find relaxation, relief of physical pain and manage stress.

The first thing most women say is that they can’t afford it.  So I suggest seeing what you may be able to cut out of your expenses to afford it.  Several massages are cheaper than a nervous breakdown.   There are gifted Christian and non-Christian massage therapists and God has used both in my life to bring healing to my body.  This is a perfect way to take care of yourself.  Try it, you may like it.

Be Blessed and encouraged as you become more healthy, fit and strong inside and out!