Starting today, I will be sharing every Tuesday a series called The Little Blacks Dress’s Short Guide To A FabYOUlous You ~ Essentials for Healthy Living From The Inside Out.

I am really excited about this series because I am sharing about something that is near and dear to my heart.  I want to give women, like yourself, important information to help you experience the healthiest life you can and make long-term choices that will lead to optimum emotional and physical health.

I love health and nutrition and I love helping women discover their passion and purpose.  I always have.  I have more books than I can count on nutrition, yoga, relaxation, healthy cooking, searching for significance and growing deeper in Christ – the list goes on. I am afraid Winters could tell you exactly how many I have because he has helped me move them many times.

Just to give you a little background. One reason I was always interested in healthy living  is because I watched my mother struggle with her weight most of my adolescent and adult life.  I saw the impact it had on her emotions, self-image and self-worth. It was incredible how many books she had on weight loss.  Mom almost always put everyone else first.  She put off her art, she put of traveling and furthering her education and it was not until the end of her life that she finally started focusing on her art, but by then she had very little time.

My mom did every weight loss program ever know to man and that was ever on the market.  But when she returned to Weight Watchers in her early sixties after being inspired by my sister-in-law’s dedication and success, she finally lost her weight for good.

With weight gone, Mom was more confident and more out going than ever before.  Her story is apart of my story.

My mom overate for many reasons and she shared some of her pains with me over the years.

As a counselor, I found this change and transformation in my mother so interesting, as well as heart breaking. I saw the changes in her life up close.

There really was a joy I had never really seen in her before.  I think that made it even more tragic to lose her at such a young age to a brutal disease like Alzheimer’s.  She and daddy were so happy and fun-loving together, partially because Mom was so much more secure, comfortable, confident in her skin. It was obvious she felt good!

It made me sad that she had struggled all those years and it made me sit back and contemplate what we can do differently as women to take better care of ourselves and focus more on our needs.  We need to address our needs, as well as the needs of those we love. Finding the balance is key.

We all know that we are always putting everyone else first.  But we must be sure that we are taking care of ourselves and that we are healthy and strong. That may mean that sometimes we have to say “it’s my turn.”  Today I am first.  Don’t panic, I know that God is always first.  What I mean is that with our families, sometimes we have to say “this is what I need and I need it now!”

We have to take care of our body.  We need it to be strong for us.  It is God’s temple and we need it for this journey we are on.

Many of you have shared with me your struggles, both emotionally and physically.  I am preaching to the choir when I say we must make sure we take care of themselves along the way.  Being strong is so important for the journey. It is important for you and important for your family.  yet as moms we are often juggling so many balls in the air at  one time.

As the old saying goes, “if momma isn’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” So I want to help you be healthy, happy, stress-free and fulfilled!

Again, let me  say I am just like you, I have my good days and my bad ones too, but over the years I have really tried to focus on the idea of Healthy Living From the Inside Out.

So everything I will be sharing in this series is from my own personal experience. Some of  The LBD’s  Guide to a FabYOUlous You ~The Essential To Healthy Living tips are obvious,  but we can always use a good reminder. Hopefully, there are some new ideas as well.

But they are my top essentials to being a FabYOUlous You!  I believe these can help get you on the way to your purpose and passion and health and happiness in your lives from the inside out!

I Look forward to you following the LBD’s Guide to a FabYOUlous You!

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we  start living a healthier life.


  1. 3-23-2011

    Hi Corby~ Sounds great!!! Your mama was one gregarious woman and full of life! I am looking forward to reading this every Tuesday. As a mom of 7, working part time as a nurse in the NICU and wife of husband who works night shift life is sometimes more than full 🙂 Thanks for tackling this issue. Blessings to you,


    • 3-23-2011

      Elaine, So great to hear from you! Thank you for celebrating my mother’s memory with your words of kindness. It is my pray that this series will be a blessing and help you find time to take care of YOU in the midst of your busy life. I pray God will encourage you and give you strength to do all you have to do! Which definitely sounds like a lot… Be blessed and encouraged. Thanks so much for commenting!