I learned both the positive and negative side of  body image, nutrition and fitness having been in pageants all those years ago.  At one point I was  fortunate to even had a personal fitness trainer. I learned so much about taking care of my body and that has stayed with me all these years.  It was really a great experience.

During those days I saw some pretty extreme behaviors and unhealthy habits but it was an invaluable education. That is just another reason I have spent much of my life pursuing healthy living.

In graduate school I studied Christian counseling, I focused my course study on Eating Disorders.  But it was back  in 1995 that I started  writing women’s retreats and seminars helping women stay strong – emotionally, spiritually and physically combining all I had been fortunate to learn over the years.

Here are just a few more of my very favorite tips to help you stay healthy and strong.

#6. Exercise and Stretching

Exercise is so important.  We must try to do anything, because anything is better than nothing.  I personally love yoga and Pilates and walking.  But there are times I simply can’t fit that into my day so I at least do stretches and sit up.   I love my 10 and 12 pound weights too. I keep them in my room and I have a routine I try to do during the week if I feel good.

Even just some sit ups and leg stretches are better than forgoing everything.

Grumpy knees ruled out running and spinning classes long ago but  that is fine if that works for you.  I like activities that again are relaxing in nature and calming that is me. Find what you love and go for it.  Exercise is so important to our bodies in the long run.  Exercise today for a healthy you tomorrow.

Remember that even just walking to your car, shopping for shoes, hee, hee and going to the mail box all add up.  They say to aim for 10,000 steps a day.  Mowing the lawn may seem like a drudgery but it is exercise.  So let’s get moving!  especially, because we can and that my dear is a gift.

#7. Making your House a Home

I could go on and on about this but the point is create an environment that makes you feel good and a place where you love to be.  Remember that our home is  a reflection of us and we are a reflection of Christ so our home in turn is a refection of Christ too.

Make it a place where people love to be and can flourish.  May all who enter feel comfortable and feel at home.

Look for colors and fabric that you love.  Surround yourself with things that make you happy and make your heart dance. If you hate the color of wall in your house and you have for years, than Sister, get rid of it!

Celebrate your home.  It is a gift! Enjoy it and share it with others…

#8. Just say no to alcohol

I touched on this last week but just I want you to know that again if by 4:30 you are thinking about happy hour it might be time to say enough is enough! Take a fearless inventory of your life anything that is out of balance must go.  You simply do not have time for it.

I have read a lot of information and if you are remotely concerned it is an issue in your life, let it go and move on’ sister!

#9 Hydrotherapy

AKA Good old hot bath or a hot shower! I think it is a must to help all women relax!   I discovered Dr. Teals Epsom salt RELAX! (or just plain old Epsom salt if you have allergies).  Relax, shut the door and tell your hubby he’s got the kids! Seriously…

You deserve a break to today.  Within twenty or thirty minute you can get some good restoration and  help for your body, mind and spirit.

Light a candle and play some music and be transcended for a moment.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we continue to stay healthy and strong from the inside out!

~Please excuse any errors the editor was out of the office~