Each week I rarely come to the computer without an idea and a message I feel God wants me to share…

However, this Thankful Thursday it was a bit different for me.  My heart and my mind seemed to spin with ideas but I was devoid of a confirmation, that was until I was returning an email to the middle Son of Thunders music teacher early this morning. 

You see, it has been a long, long seven days for the middle Son, since he has been fighting a virus starting late in the evening on Friday.  He was checked for strep early Monday but it was negative so we began the process of a slow recovery but thank God he should return to school tomorrow.

Seven days is one thing, missing school is another.  But not being able to be an Oompa Loompa in the fifth grade play, well, that is quite another thing altogether especially after a month and half of rehearsals. 

The middle Son is a strong soul.  But when he has “hit his wall”, well, I can read him like a book.

It is one thing when another has to tell you can’t do something you have worked long and hard to do but is quite another when you know it yourself.   We tried everything to get him well but to no avail. So on Tuesday the day before the musical he looked into my eyes with heart-sick eyes and said ” I can’t do this.  I am just too sick”.  I already knew it but now he knew it for himself.

Last night was the big night and all his emotions converged. Tears were shed over missing the musical but we are on the other side of it now which will make it a bit easier.  But disappointment and grief does not dissolve over night.  I know that all too well from personal experience and I am sure you do to.

So when I emailed his music teacher this morning I was positive this was my Thankful Thursday staring right back at me in black and white.

Here is what I shared with his teacher~There I sat with the middle Son and he simply said “Mom, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Because I will never have the chance to be in the 5th grade play again because I will never be in 5th grade again.

Painful words, but Oh, so true. 

That opportunity is gone forever.  He was right about that.  How many times have you and I had to face that in our own lives?  An opportunity lost forever…

 We processed a lot last night while the cast of 70 friends were singing away at the performing Arts Center. We tried to make sense of “it”, the bug that is and why did it had  come during the week of the musical.  Somethings we will never understand.  We will never be able to reason ourselves out of  some of the things that have happened to us.  It simply is what is… and we must move on.

Funny thing is, I am not always very good at that, “moving on” part.  I get stuck sometimes, really stuck and friends, books, prayer, the Bible and writing are the only way I can get out of it. 

Everything is a learning experience isn’t it?

But last night, my sweet Son and I set our eye’s on the other opportunities God will give us.  There will be more plays, more musicals, more “something’s” that the middle Son will get to do and so will you and  so will you. 

We can’t recapture that moment in time again but I am confident God will give us new ones!

On this Thankful Thursday I am reminded of what I said to the Middle Son of Thunder this week;  I am thankful he tried out for the musical. I am thankful he took the part he was given and did not drop out.  I am grateful he was recuperating on the sofa and not in a hospital bed like before when we were in Oklahoma.  I am grateful we have had this time together and I am grateful that there will be more opportunities to sing and dance again!  Those are some of the things I am thankful for on this Thankful Thursday!

So on this Thankful Thursday, if you find yourself today on the other side of a broken dream or a disappointing outcome of wonderful moment, remember my sweet friend, God is ready and waiting to give you a new opportunity to enjoy life again!

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today for you are treasure!

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  1. 5-4-2012

    Corby, I’m so sorry he had to miss the play, but I’m glad he’s doing better. I think sometimes it’s tougher on us moms to see our kids going through this than it is for us to deal with it ourselves. I know there will be more moments for him to shine!