The other day when I was praying with a friend of mine, I prayed the following prayer.

“Lord, please do not let the insignificant things of this life keep us from the significant”.

I could not help but think about how many insignificant things I spend my energy on.  I also couldn’t help but think about how often we spend so much time on the small and meaningless things that keep us from what really matters and what is really important.  Sadly, we can one day wake up and find ourselves tethered to a life filled with insignificant things.

Each choice we make impacts our life tomorrow forever.  Ultimately, the choices we make either make our lives better or they don’t.  They also either invest in eternity or they don’t.  I once read, “It’s choice not chance that determines our future”.  To live the life most of us long for is accomplished only through intentional living. Our choices are key.   We all know this to be true.  We know that where ever we put our time, our talent and treasure that is where are heart is. But it is still often a painful reminder when we look at our checkbooks and see where all our money went or we review our weekend and see where we spent all our time..  The checkbook does not lie.  There are many times I wish it did but it doesn’t.  It is then that we must face the truth of the choices we have made. 

So my prayer for you and I this Monday is that we may focus our attention on that which is significant and meaningful. We are never too old to change.  God can remake us and change us as we seek Him. 

We can all use a bit transformation now and then.

I pray that we will put our energy toward that which we can be proud of at the end of day. 

For in the whole scheme of things we are mere travelers.  We must also remember that sometimes the things in our life that may seem mundane and meaningless are not mundane after all.  Dear freind, I pray God will give us eyes to see and ears to hear as He guides us to the significant things of life.

On this Monday may your dreams and inspirations be fulfilled as you intentionally put your time, your talents and your treasure toward a life that will leave a significant mark on things.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today we press into our dreams and inspirations and trust God to fulfill His purpose in us!