Here is just a thought as we approach Thanksgiving Day!

I pray you have a Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. But I also pray you remember this holiday is just that a “holiday.”  It is supposed to be a celebration with friends and family.  And yes, it may be perfect and then it again it may not be perfect.  In fact, it probably won’t be.  Sometimes letting go of perfect is the best thing you can do for everyone in your life including yourself.

Have fun because it should be fun.

Be yourself no one is better at than you.

Be authentic and  live a real life.

Holiday’s can be hectic and stressful we all know that.  Sometimes we feel compelled to be someone we’re not.  Sometimes we think others will like us more and the day will go smoother that way so we act or dress a certain way hoping to fit in just a little better.  But then by doing so you’re not being you, your being a pretend you.

Be YOU, only you can be YOU!

That is a good thing and something you should celebrate.  True friends will like you no matter what …if they are true friends.  Those that don’t like you for you well, they weren’t true friends anyway and you probably might want to rethink having Thanksgiving with them in the future.

This Thanksgiving remember whether you are employed or unemployed, rich or poor,  have a small house or big house, have an old car or a new one, use paper or plastic, china or silver really on this day the only thing that should really matter is that you are with those that you love and that love you.

The other stuff  is frankly irrelevant, really.  And that is coming from The Little Black Dress, a woman who loves to dress up and entertain but it must always be put in perspective.

It is about love and sharing great food together.

Remember life is short and treasure the small things.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You do not know where you will be tomorrow; let alone next year.  So savor the moment!

The turkey will get done on time or maybe it won’t.  The house will look great or maybe it won’t but most of  Thanksgiving day will go on and I hope you will have a smile on your face and joy in your heart surrounded by laughter and of course great music.

So whether you are wearing sweats or sport coats,  cowboy boots or heels,  jeans or a Little Black Dress it’s not about what you wear it is about who you are.  As long as you happy in the skin you’re in and your happy creating life long memories.  That what matters most.

Many are suffering in our country and they don’t even have a home to have Thanksgiving in so say a pray for those with so much less.  Give if you can to make someones Thanksgiving better and be grateful for family, friends and the house over your head.

Remember it’s about love and a grateful heart.

Just some thoughts from The Little Black Dress.