Remember Your Story Matters!  All of It!! The Good, The Bad, and yes even the Ugly and wacky.

God has entrusted each of us with our own unique story.

Our stories are marked by our life experiences.  It is ours alone and unlike anyone else’s.  It is our story to share.  Some of our life story is beautiful while other parts are not so pretty.  But my friend it is Satan who wants to remind you of  how imperfect and  inadequate and flawed  you and I are.

I am confident that God wants to use all of our stories, every part of them; the highs and low, successes and failures, good moments as well as bad and yes, even sometimes the ugly and the wacky, to show His amazing steadfast love for each of us.

For the past weeks God has reminded over and over of this message I love so much.  While I was ministering to the Miss Oklahoma Contestants, while praying for several people these past few weeks and  then today at Church.  My heart pounding and chest burning, I was so reminded of God’s intense love and compassion for us even in our difficult, ugly and broken states that we may find ourselves in.  Our brokenness and our sad stories are precious jewels to him that He can use to bless others if we allow Him.

Every bit our life experience can be weaved into the threads of the fabric of our lives and some stories remains to be seen how God will use them but God can use all of our experiences to bless a hurting world.

Most of us only want to share the best parts of our story. Frankly, I completely understand that. The reality is that God wants to use all of our stories; the best moments and yes, our least impressive moments as well.

Remember that God can use my story to  touch someone’s life where yours may not and your life story may speak to someone who I could never reach. God uses our stories for His glory and to connect us to others, promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as well as bless and give hope and hearts and lives.

Remember you are treasure safe in the arms of Jesus and your is valuable and significant in the Kingdom of God no matter what your story looks like.

Your story matters, every part of it!

We do not know how the actions of our lives will impact others down the road. But I am certain that the ever-present world is watching and the life you live leads to the story you will tell.  Ultimately, what you did or did not do will determine how others are changed.

No matter how short or how long your life is on this earth, your story matters and will impact others’ lives forever.

Remember, no one can tell your story quite like you can because you have  lived it.

When we share our story with honesty and transparency, God is glorified in all of it …The good, the bad, and yes, the ugly and even the wacky.

God will receive all the glory for your story if you give him all the praise and Glory for it.

So dear precious friends let your life SHINE for the entire world to see God’s majesty.


God Has Entrusted You With A Story, A Story Which Can Change Lives.

 So Share Your Story!

Please excuse any mistakes ~ The editor was out when Jesus spoke to me!!

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