On this Thankful Thursday, I was thinking about a friend of mine who works with a ministry that helps other countries take care of their poor and needy.   The other day she posted some pictures of the children in Rwanda on one of her Social Media sites. She was sharing all that God was doing there with the support of Christians in the US.

She received many wonderful comments, but some shared a different point of view.  One comment that really got me thinking was from a person wishing that “SOMEONE” would step up to the plate and take care of the poor in our country first, then go to other countries.

I don’t usually jump into chatter online, but I just could not could help myself…  especially as the word, “SOMEONE,”  whirled around in my mind.

Are we the “SOMEONES?”  It is so easy to decide for others that SOMEONE  should do SOMETHING.   But yes, the reality is, we are those SOMEONES.  We are those people. Yes,  “SOMEONE” should do something and that “SOMEONE” is You and Me and every other person in the world who wants to see change anywhere.

So here is what I wrote back in response.

I think God needs people everywhere.  Those suffering in Rwanda are just as important and precious as the poor in the United States or frankly anywhere.  I am honored to say that I know Christians all over the USA who are helping the poor, the needy and those who hunger and thirst.  I also know Christians all over who care for the needs of people in other countries as well.

But how do we define the needy?  As my friend pointed out  in her own response, there is not one street in the US with sewage piled a mile high.  Thank God, and I pray that day never comes.  As my friend also pointed out there are places in Kenya’s Kiera Slums where children live in horrific conditions.   She went on to say that what separates us is not the needs but the extremes of the needs in some of these other countries.  Sadly, if you asked the SONs of Thunder, and most if not all their friends,what are the things they need …  It would not be food, shelter or clothing  that they would say they “need.”  It would be more computer games, IPhones, IPods and the latest Lego set.  They think they need this or that but in reality what do we really need … in a country where most children have access to clean water, shelter, schooling and a free lunch if they need it. Many children are well cared for.

Who are the people who are called upon to help with the real needs of others?

What is our part?  What does God want each and every one of us to do to change our piece of the world.  My dear friends, WE are God’s hands and feet. WE are the voice for those  who have no voice.  WE are their voice for the poor and the needy. WE are the Light of the world.  WE are those SOMEONES who must step up  to the plate at every opportunity we see and do something.  WE cannot wait for someone else to do it.  It must be us …one person, one random act of kindness, one prayer at a time.  We as believers are to give of our time, our talents and treasures to impact the world for Christ.

Isn’t it funny that we often judge our fellow Christians on where they plan to do missions trips. Why not just unite rather than judge whether a mission project is worthy?

Several Sunday’s a month at our church we have stacks of bread that are free.  We are able to take the bread and give away or keep it if we need it.  We all take it and bless others with it.  We also have an organic farmer who brings his food to share with anyone who needs it.  Last Spring, The Eldest SON spent his spring break in the Dream Center in Atlanta helping in a homeless shelter.  Those are some examples of things we are doing in our Church in Georgia, and I know of countless others churches that are doing projects all over the country.

On this Thankful Thursday, let us stand united together with others.  Let us lift each other up rather than judge the credibility or nature of one type of ministry over another. Let us remember  that we are all God’s children.  People all over the world will know Christians by their actions.  May it be love they see and  may they want more of Christ, and may we give it.

We are all called to do our part. To step up to the plate and act.

So WE must be the ones to rise up and say, “Here am I Lord use me.”   Let’s don’t just be people who talk about change … let us BE the change we want to see in the world.

Let us be the SOMEONES who reach out and change things.

Let us make a difference.   Let us leave our mark on this world.

Let us leave a legacy and give hope to a hurting world, whether it giving a loaf of bread to SOMEONE down the street, across the country or touching lives in Rwanda.

Change will never happen if we are looking to SOMEONE  else to do it.  We are those SOMEONES  and we must rise up and act!

On This Thankful Thursday may we give thanks for all of our blessings no matter how great or how small they are still mighty.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly as we live and act out the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am honored to know friends who use their time talents and treasure to help people everywhere in the world to find hope, healing and restoration.  Let us all be those people.

Here is a quote from my friend that I have spoken of today.  It is so beautifully and powerfully written I am certain it is a perfect way to close this Thankful Thursday.

“I’ve been editing stories from 26 developing countries this morning – stories of men doing hard labor for less than $2 U.S. dollars a day; children wading in a river up to their ears, holding their books over their heads, to get to school; 12-year-olds asked by their own mothers to sell their bodies for money to feed their younger siblings. Lord, forgive my complaining and selfishness. Open my eyes to the bounty of blessings I am cradled in every day” Matha Ann  Tudor


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