Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us and most of us are all in and out of the grocery store dealing with food, menus and meals.  That is easy for some and for others that can be both hard on your wallet, your mental health and on your emotions if your struggle with food.

It may not sound like any big deal, but for some it can be.

Holidays are fun, but we are constantly talking about what we are going to eat if you have some unhealthy issues with food can be a major struggle.

We must all learn to deal with food, especially if we have issues with it.  As I always tell the SONs “we eat to live ~ not live to eat.”

Think about it.

We must eat even if food has become an unhealthy issue in our life.  For the smoker they can put away his cigarette once he gives up his addition, the same with alcohol and other types of addictive behavior.  But those who have issues with food must always deal with food.

But because we are constantly dealing with food it cannot become our life.

I love the organization Weight Watchers.  I believe it is one of the best ways to help people lose weight, stay healthy and keep the weight off for life.  My mom tried every diet under the sun as she struggled with her weight almost my entire life.   She finally returned to weight watchers in her sixties and that was finally the answer she had been looking for years.  There really are no quick fixes to weight loss. It is a process and a life long choices focused at healthy living.

So right after the eldest SON of Thunder was born in Alaska I headed straight to Weight Watchers.  I had worked hard not to gain a lot during my pregnancy but  I wanted all the support I could get and  I wanted to learn their secrets to health.  At the time the only way to get their cookbooks was to join a meeting so off I went.

I loved the women.  I loved the tools I learned and I loved the cookbooks. And I have stayed a fan of the organization for life.

You might be wondering at this point where I am going with this story right before Thanksgiving Day.  Well, all my life I have tried to eat right and throughout the years I have tried to stay healthy and in some way stay connected to Weight Watchers because I think it helps women and men in their pursuit for health and wellness in a realistic way.    The organization continues to grow as we all do and they are innovative, creative and smart in how they support those who wish to lose weight.

Weight watchers stresses that you eat real food.  Yes, not fake food because the reality is you can’t live on fake food the rest of your life.

I also loved that they use to call a day where you may have eaten a bit to many calories an “Extreme Day.”  Rather than call it “cheating,” “over indulging” or “breaking my diet,” which are negative terms; they  simply called it an “extreme day.”  We all have them. Right? Right.  We must live a real and authentic life in relationships, career, faith and food.

So enjoy Thanksgiving Day.  Have fun.  Eat the turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, the sweet potato souffle and the pie of your choice and whatever else you feel you can’t live without on this special day.  But remember to think portions and don’t flip out like you will never see  another Thanksgiving Day meal again.  Drink plenty of water.  Plan your meal and don’t wait until you’re starving to eat.

I would also suggest not having the left overs for days to come either. If you eat that Thanksgiving meal all weekend the danger is just a scale away.

Our fearless leader Joann of  Weight Watchers  in Georgia once shared a story of  how a Weight Watchers gal was so proud she had not gained weight over Thanksgiving.  She was asked how she did it and it was because she had eaten prepackaged low-calorie frozen meals.  Joann reminded everyone that she wanted us to enjoy the holiday and eating prepackaged meals only was not the way to do it.

You preach it Joann!  That is great advise.

That is not how Weight Watchers or the Little Black Dress want you to celebrate Thanksgiving this year or any year to follow.  NO! That is not the way to go about eating healthy and it is not realistic.

Enjoy the holiday and yes, enjoy the food, but most of all enjoy the moments with friends and family.

It maybe an “extreme day,” but remember tomorrow is another day my friend and if your need support in your life then get some.  I might also suggest a Weight Watchers meeting could be a great benefit to you as well.

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we learn to have healthy relationships with friends, family, faith and food!




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