Today in The LBD’s Healthy living Guide To A Fit,FabYOUlous Bold and Beautiful You from the inside out, I wanted to follow on the theme of my Mondays with MOMs blog this week.  One thing I certainly want for women live a life that is healthy and balanced.Being overly busy with life, work and children can keep us on the busyness treadmill.

This week’s tip is to simply remind you of how important is to learn to just  “be.”  Yes, sometimes we just need to “be”.  Be in the moment.  Be in the present. Be and not do.

My father used to always say that God made us human beings, not human doings. Funny coming from a man who struggled with being a workaholic.  He knew it was his thorn in the flesh and he struggled with that most of his life. But the he recognized it was a good thing.  You can’t improve an area of your life if you don’t recognize that it is a potential problem.

Just like my Dad, I too struggle with just being and not doing anything but simply being.  

If we watch a movie I usually try to sort through old mail or if the SONs are telling me a story I will pick up toys while listening.  It is not easy for me to just be still and just be. I desire to be productive.  I need to be doing something that needs to get done.

Sometimes the greatest things that need to get done is choosing to get nothing done.

Yes, I said it! Do nothing. Nothing at all. And that is almost impossible for women.  We can always find something to do can’t we. There will always be laundry, cleaning, working, taking children to sports, doctors appointments and more of this or that to fill our every moment.

A great way to stay healthy and care for your soul is to learn to just “BE”, even if it is for just a moment.

I practiced this the other night.  I decided I would get out some of my all-time favorite magazines and enjoy them as I listened to some great music and simply relaxed.

I have to say I felt guilty for a very brief moment. For a moment I thought to myself  I have so much to do and maybe I should be working or doing something productive?In fact I had to make myself just sit and not get up to “DO” something.   But I decided to enjoy myself and just enjoy the music, the magazines and the moment!

It was well worth it.  I was inspired and rejuvenated just by choosing to be.

So today, if life has you running in circles and you feel more like a “human doing” than a “human being,” I invite you to just sit back, let go of any guilt and even if it is for one brief moment just BE!

May you be fit, fabYOUlous, bold and beautiful for the inside out and remember that in caring for your soul sometimes you need to just “BE.”

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