Equipping Your Sons and Daughters To Become Mighty Intercessors for Christ

I am working hard to raise The SONs to be Power Prayer Warriors.

However, as a Power Prayer Warrior myself, I can raise The SONs to be Mighty Intercessors for Christ and that is just what we are working towards doing around our house. Exposing our children to prayer at an early age is one of the most important things we can do besides introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that all Power Prayer Warriors with sons and daughters work together. And here is why, One day, one of my SONs and Prayer  Warrior just might fall in love with your Power Prayer Warrior. Now wouldn’t that be incredible and what a powerful influence Christian couples can make.

One of my greatest desires is to raise men who can go boldly before the throne of God. As mothers, we must strive to help our children become brave, confident and compassionate prayer warriors.

However, we must lead by example.  I saw my parents pray and it was such a blessing. I saw all their friends pray too.  I feel it made me so much more comfortable and open to become a Power Prayer Warrior as well.  Because a family who prays together is far more likely to stay together.   I believe this is a high calling for parents.

The SONs have been known to pray for every pet we have ever had or currently have and this makes for some interesting prayers at dinner time.   The SONs almost always include praying that my parents are safe and happy in heaven.  The SONs usually fight over who will get to pray at the dinner table which is so frustrating. In my book  prayer and fighting do not usually go hand in hand!  Except at our house evidently and some foreign countries.

In the last several years we have buried more robo hamster and gerbils and snakes than I care to count.  I am not even fond of snakes and I cried my heart when the Eldest lost his.  It was at this point I put moratorium on funerals but the eldest lost another snake.  So much for the mor I had had enough with death after mom and dad and a bunch of precious little pets went to be with the Lord.  The SONs often accompany me to the alter at church and it is always so special to me.  But when the SONs ask for prayer is is very special to me.  I always think to myself, maybe I am getting through to them about the importance of prayer.

There are wonderful book on the market that solely cover this subject I just wanted to touch on it so that other Power Prayer Warriors and me can all agree on this very important part of parenting.

Here are just a few quick thoughts on children and prayer as well as some ideas on ways to help empower your child become a Mighty intercessor for Christ:

~Invite them to pray no matter their age

~Getting them connected in a church where there are other strong believers is extremely important

~Praise them when they pray and thank them for sharing their prayer requests and concerns

~Lead them to Christ and make Him the Center of the Home.

~Expose your Children to people who are also passionate about prayer.

Here are just a few more simple ideas and suggestions on ways to incorporate prayer into your children’s everyday life allowing it to be a more important part of their everyday life. Prayer needs to be a bigger part of your child’s life.  But most of all give your children every opportunity to pray that you can think of each day.

Opportunities Come along all the time

In the car before school

At the dinner table

In the car

In the car on the way to school

Pulling out of the driveway for a vacation

At bedtime

When loved ones are sick

During Church or at the church altar

Over the loss of a pets

 Show children ways to pray





Holding hands

Touching the picture of a loved one


I also would suggest that it is very important to provide children with thing to pray about that they have natural interest in and are inclined to be concerned about.   Obviously the list could go on and on so here are just a few ideas to get you thinking of ways to help your child build his or her personal prayer life.










Fears and anxieties


Travel and Car safety

Family pets and animals

Leaders over local, state and National Government

Important events in the child’s life


Sports and extra- curricular activities

Fears and frustrations

When there is a tragedy either at home or in the world around them

Car accidents on the highway


Invite your children to pray anywhere, anytime and anyplace

I pray just about anywhere and so we often pray in the car right before school.  Helping children become comfortable praying and teaching that it is just talking to God, is vital to a healthy prayer life.

Reminding them that prayer is not about show, but about a conversation with the Lord.

Discuss prayers that have been answered, those they have heard were answered as well as those that have not been answered

How did this make your child feel?

Has it changed how they pray?

Has it changed what they pray for?


Celebrate the way children pray

Try to encourage your child about how they have prayed and what they have prayed for.


Show them how to pray and lead by example

To be respectful

To be reverent

To honor God

Be honest and sincere

It can be special when you pray

It can be fun

It can be casual


It is also very important that children see us praying, praying with our spouses and with our friends and family.  That is a huge part of the Christian life and it is not done for show but to transform lives.  Again, children learn from what they see.  It is imperative that we live our lives as an example not just in the area of being Power Prayer Warriors and Mighty intercessors for Christ but every area of our lives.  Our lives can bring many opportunities for teachable moments with our children and our children’s children.  Life is short my dear friends and each moment is precious for in everything we do we will leave a legacy.

But the hard question is,  “Are we leaving the legacy we wish to leave?”

Be Blessed and encouraged as we live life in our passion, purpose and parenting!

Power Prayer Warriors Power Up

Do you feel you invite your children to pray often enough?

Do they feel comfortable praying?

Do they discuss how they feel about their prayers being answered or not

Do you think you are helping your child to want to pray?

What might you and your spouse do differently in the area of prayer time with your children?


  1. 3-5-2014

    PS I just wanted to add, that although when I ask them if they want to pray about something or take the lead, they usually don’t, I truly believe that since they have seen their dad and I pray, they will also be inspired to pray more as they get older

    • 3-6-2014

      Great insight Jill! Dads praying is vitally important for children to see! Thank you for adding that important point. Love you!

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