Efficient and  effective!

I love those words especially when it comes to working out and getting in shape!

As a former pageant girl I can tell you, we were all about efficient and effective workouts. If we didn’t get results, then we moved on to something else because I guarantee you we were not going to waste our precious time on a lame, worthless workout. We wanted results and we wanted to see them sooner than later.  We wanted to feel healthy from the inside out too.  So it is incredibly important to fill our bodies with healthy foods and nutrients and find workouts that work for us!

So here are just a few tips from the LBD’s guide to  Healthy You!

Bottom line is if you are doing the same thing over and over again and not seeing results, then it’s time to move on to a new workout, a new trainer, or new eating habits. For me, I have to walk farther.  I have to walk harder.  I wish it weren’t true, but that is what happens sometimes when we get older.  Yes, older, darn it!

But friends, we just have to buck up and get busy if our health is important to us.  But again, squeezing in a quick walk is better than no walk at all or a few sit ups or jumping jacks is better than none. I firmly believe that.  But if you are not seeing results then you need to mix it up and do something different.

As we age our metabolism slows down and we have to simply work smarter.  I love to lift free weights every other day!  It is one thing I really enjoy.

I also love to walk as I already said. Find what works for you. But truth be told I hate to walk alone. I love having a walking buddy but all my buddies and I have not been able to walk together for a variety of reasons, so I did what any smart LBD would do, I looked at my options and I got a new girlfriend to walk with me. Her name is Scout. She is fast small and always available when I am ready to grab her leash and go.  That works for me and now I am not alone.

So here is the deal; you can take the girl out of the pageant but not the pageant out of the girl. It is in your blood as they say. You can ask any of my pageant friends.  In fact, I use to walk with one all the time and she totally agrees we are about “effective and efficient.”  We always were and we always will be about getting healthy results sooner than later!  Here is the deal truth be told,  sometimes you need to toss the skinny jeans and the tiny little black dress.  But sometimes you need to get  busy and get your hiney back in shape and in that dress you just love to pieces.

I want you to think like this.  First, any activity is better than no activity and secondly, we need to work smarter and harder and finally, we need to be efficient and effective.

If you are not seeing a change in your body then you need a new routine or might need to see the doctor and have a good work up and make sure your body is functioning properly. If you are walking 30 minutes and it is not doing a thing for you, then you need to walk 45 to 60 minutes. But you also need to be honest and look at what you are eating.  If that’s not working, well than I suggest trying something else.   With any workout ~ go at your own pace and of course talk to your doctor before starting anything new.  Bottom line, use wisdom!  You may not want to hear all that, but you’ve got to get your grove on.

For me it is Yoga and walking and weights but better yet my body responds to it and so does my heart, mind and soul.

So now I walk with Miss  Scout and I pray and listen to the chirping of sweet birds.  But do what works for you… If your body responds to dancing then start doing the Macarena!  If your body responds to swimming then grab some goggles and dive in!  And if you are blessed to still be able to run and your knees don’t squeak, then run until your heart’s content.

The good news is the LBD and my girl scout  are both burning a zillion more calories. We are all busy and efficient and effective.

Find what works for you and do it.  But the most important thing is to get moving. You will feel better, sleep better and live longer!

Be blessed and encouraged today as you stay fit and fabYOUlous , Bold and Beautiful from the inside out!

And don’t forget to celebrate the body God Gave you!

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