Having a healthy mind, body and spirit is critical to being a fit, fabYOUlous, bold, beautiful you.

Women need to take care of themselves in every area of our lives. However, sometimes we tend to focus on one area of our lives and not others.  But every area of a women’s d life is a key component to achieving and maintaining optimum health.   But we get busy, distracted by family and job juggling and we can be tempted to put off certain check ups. This is a bad habit for all women and moms.  We tend to make sure the children keep all their doctors appoints while putting  ours on hold.  But there is one appointment we should never pass up on and it where the nurse says to you, ” Don’t Breathe ~ Don’t Move”, “Don’t Breathe ~ Don’t Move”

Well, it is one the most important appointments women can’t put off!

Several years back  my yearly appointment went something like this, Starting with the nurse says, “Don’t Breathe ~ Don’t Move”

“Are you kidding?  How could I move?” I replied.

I must have heard that 50 times last week within the span of one hour.

Healthy living and being a Fit, FabYOUlous, bold and beautiful you involves hearing those words a lot over a woman’s lifetime.

A couple of years ago after my regular mammograms and the normal hour or so of the “don’t breathe, don’t move” routine, they let me go with a final “We will call you if anything seems out of the norm within two or three days.”

Like clock work the call came …

“Mrs. Winters?”


“We need you to come back. We need to take a few more images.”  

My knees went weak and I held back some tears.  I said to myself,  “do not over react”… It is probably fine, but who knows, maybe not.” It wasn’t fine last year for about 250,000 or so women.

As I headed to the hospital the second time around I wasn’t quite sure what to pray. But I did pray that I was healthy and that the doctors and nurses had great wisdom.

Then I simply said “Lord whatever I face and whatever the tests show we face it together.

Back for more images…

Don’t Breathe ~Don’t Move

Don’t Breathe ~ Don’t Move

How could you breathe or move when your breast is flattened like a pancake and the pressure feels like a Mack truck?

This nurse was serious about her job and got every angle she could manage to get.  This was in order to get the exact images she wanted.  Good for her.  These nurses were awesome! And better yet, you even get a warm robe and a magazine.  All I needed was some chocolate and I would have been in heaven.  Well, despite the concern of breast cancer, of course.

For much of the mammogram  you can’t breath.  The pain can be rather intense so you couldn’t breathe or move if you wanted too. I know better than to get a mammogram near my monthly cycle when breasts are more sensitive. And I have heard of friends going together to get them.  I have never done that, but I think it is a brilliant idea and why not finish off the day with a mani and a pedi!

I went for mine on my Mother’s birthday.  It was not planned and I am not sure I would do that again.  But the bottom line is I think that we must get mammograms. I realize they don’t catch everything, but they are still an important piece of breath health, so get one anyway. I also believe strongly in personal monthly breast exams.

I have had two dear friends, under the age of 40, who have had double mastectomy.  They are healthy and unbelievably strong and brave women!  Their love for Christ and their testimony have been incredible to me and everyone else who has watched their journey. My high school buddy, just celebrate 5 years cancer free!

A mammogram may not be fun, but I say who cares when it could save your life.  Monthly self examines and a yearly mammogram are essential to a fabYOUlous you and healthy living.

Don’t mess around with the Ta’s Ta’s.  Take care of them and take care of yourself.

Yes, for a brief moment each year you can’t breathe and can’t move, but in that moment you just might be saving your life!

For me, the second go around came out great, however it did make me take pause and gave me an opportunity to really discuss a few things with God.

But here is the bottom line, take your breast care seriously – stay on top of your monthly self-exams and book your mammogram if you haven’t already this year!  Also take stock in what you are doing with your life and are living life in your passion and purpose.

Be blessed and encouraged today as you take care of your health, the Ta Ta’s and continue to be a fit, fabYOUlous  bold and beautiful You!

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