Motherhood can be a very crazy time in a woman’s life.

I’m not saying that crazy isn’t good but sometimes we can get a bit worn down as moms with all the responsibilities we have.  Mom means many things as we all know… everything from doctor, to chauffeur, to cook, to psychologist, to teacher, to even lifeguard to everything in between.

MOMs must rise to the occasion and wear whatever hat is necessary at the time.   But another important job MOMs and dads have is that of an encourager!

When I am invited to speak, I often talk about the gift of encouragement.  I believe it is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children not matter what their age!  I don’t think children ever outgrow the desire and the need to hear their parents say things like “I am proud of you”  or “well done” or “I believe in you” .  These kinds of statements breathe life and hope into children.  Have you ever noticed your child’s face when you say something complementary to them.  The Sons of Thunder usually light up like a Christmas tree.   Frankly, words of encouragement breathe hope into the life of anyone who is fortunate to hear kind, encouraging words!

But we get busy and life gets in the way …

We get distracted by the laundry, the dishes, the sock bin and just simply life… Can you tell what distracts me?   I am especially distracted when I am pinned under a mound of dirty clothes!

We sometimes forget to stop and just say life-giving words to those we love and not just our children.  But also spouses, family, friends and even strangers gain confidence, courage and pride  in themselves when we give them a word of encouragement.

No mother wants to raise children who believe they are only valuable based on their performance and on what they are able to do well. At least I don’t. I believe we want to raise children who believe that they are valuable simply because God created them.

I can’t begin to count the notes that I have from my mom and dad telling me in many different ways how proud they were of me. My parents had the gift of encouragement and never held back from expressing their love to me or anyone for that matter.  This is gift I will treasure always in my heart and it has given me the confidence and fortitude to press through when life has gotten difficult at times.

So today as we are surrounded by all the responsibilities of life and our munchkins, who are probably even now pulling at your skirt or pant leg for attention, let’s remember to not  just feed them, wash their clothes and help clean their rooms but also remember to feed their spirits and souls with life-giving words that bring  them hope, courage and confidence to face school and everyday life and all its challenges.~Yes, I know this is a really long run on sentence but I like it!~

May we raise a generation of children that truly know their worth and value is in Christ alone and celebrate their accomplishments whether great or small!

Now I urge you to take a moment think about what you want to tell those you love around you.  Whether your children are 2 or 72 everyone can use a word of encouragement!

Remember life is short and one day there will be no more time to share those kind words with the ones you love.  They will be mere memories or like for me memories and old tattered notes from some amazing parents that I was honored to call mine for a brief moment in time.

Dear MOMs:As we “Make Our Mark” I pray you are blessed and encouraged as you celebrate the precious people in your life and you live life in your passion, purpose and parenting. May we also make sure that we give ourselves life-giving words through our very own positive self-affirmation.


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