So often I find the best things in stores.


Especially FRIENDS …

Today at Target it was great to see a Disney princess.  Truly, we have a princess … Her name is Tanya and she works in the Newnan store.

Tanya  has the most magical voice and she said, “The other day a little girl told her she was beautiful. ” And she is…

We are blessed to have a princess with a princess voice right here in Georgia.

And then I met my new friend Barbara who made me laugh (I think I made her laugh too) and celebrate life as moms too.

She helped me check out with ease and grace. That is not easy, for a power shopper like the LBD.

Barbara – A mom of 7 children ( all she birthed.) With no or little Drugs… Her Dad had 12 siblings and her mom 11 .  Ok, that is an awesome story in itself…

Winters and I said, Wow, three SONs are Fabulous!!!

I Remember that Life is short and the connections we make along the way of life are perfect.

The middle SON said Mom, we would have been out of their sooner if you had not talked so much. ” I replied yes, but I would not have met barbara and realized we knew the same friends, that her husband worked for cancer treatment centers and that she use to teach.  I also learned that she and her husband lost one of  their son’s.

Today I had the blessing to be touched…

To be moved…

to be loved…

and most of all make  wonderful friends with a wonderful woman.

To me that is a good day my friends!

I pray my dear friends that God gives you opportunity to make dear friends just as HE has me …


  1. 7-6-2014

    Wow you just brought tears to my eyes thanks little things mean alot. Reading this today made me smile cause I’m reallyreallymissing my son alot and would just love to hold him see him and hear his laugh my god bless our new friendship and you. Your blogs make a difference in alot of lives (at least mine) talk to you soon back to reading your blogs

    • 7-18-2014

      I pray all is going great with 911 and believing this is great opportunity for you. But I will miss your smile and wonderful spirit at Target my friend. I emailed you last week after I read your sweet response to this blog and I hope you got it!! Thinking of you! Blessing my friend love Corby

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