Several years ago, in early December, I found the most beautiful, tall, antique white,  French clay pot.

I had looked for one forever at great price.  This is just what I found…. fantastic price – fantastic pot.  I could call it a vase, but it is really more like a pot and “a vase” doesn’t work as well with my story.  It was so beautiful but all my Christmas decorations were up and there wasn’t really any room in the kitchen for it.  I promptly put it in a garage to keep it safe.  The operative word here is safe.  Bad, REALLY bad idea.

I returned home one afternoon and Winters lovingly informed me that the pot had broken.  Now you know the first question always is, “How badly has it been broken?”  and the very next question was, ” Can it be repaired or is it hopeless?”  Well, Witners was so kind.  He had saved all the pieces.. at least all the ones he could find.  He said he knew I would try to put it together although it certainly looked hopeless.

So the eldest Son, who is a master at putting together everything  from puzzles to Legos… attempted the impossible.  He and I gathered all the necessary materials to glue the pot back together.  Every time I would apply the glue, it just made me sick it had broken. I had owned this wonderful new pot less than a week and I never got to enjoy it. I had been certain it was going to be perfect in our cottage.

The eldest, did a masterful job of helping me glue the pot back together.  It is still pretty, albeit broken.  A couple of pieces are still  missing but  it is together… give or take a few little pieces.

I placed the reconstructed pot in the corner under a table in the living room.   The backside is really bad but the front looks pretty darn good.

Being gone for a few days, I returned home and as I sat in the living room and noticed the pot, I thought to myself, “We are ALL like  broken pots.” I couldn’t help but feel there was a life lesson in my pot as well as a constant reminder of our need for a Savior.  A life lesson just waiting to be shared.  I was reminded that we are ALL  just like broken pots held together by a loving and merciful God.  God can take something broken and put it back together and make it look pretty darn good!  It will always be broken but it can be beautiful again.  As the popular song says ” Broken but Beautiful.”  God thinks we are both beautiful and valuable.   He can and will use us, even if we are broken.

So if you find yourself broken and in need of  healing, remember that the loving touch of the one true healer, Jesus, is always available.  You can never be too broken for God. If anything  the more broken we are, the better.   Our scars remain but we will never forget who put us back together again.  Being mended takes patience.  Just like my pot, it was broken but it is still beautiful.  It is in our brokenness that we really understand the power of our almighty God.

Remember, dear friend, God wants to use all of our Stories, the good, the bad, the wacky and ye, even the ugly.  We can never be too broken for God and  our brokenness makes us more beautiful and  unforgettable. It makes our life perfectly inperfect.

Our story of  healing gives us the opportunity for our greatest testimony!  So let God use your story for His glory…


  1. 10-25-2014

    Wow! I loved the story on here Broken But Beautiful this story somehow spoke to me. I have been so broken myself I have been through so much in such a short amount of time and now I started my own business. I am a female Chaplain but I deal with Disasters on the filed like Domestic Violence, and Grief.I figured if I have been through that just maybe I could help someone too. Thank you for doing this you are a inspiration and if you could keep me in your prayers please I need to be in better Health. I am trying real hard but it’s tough and I refuse to give up.

    • 10-27-2014

      I am so blessed that this blog spoke to you! I do love this story about the broken pot and that God can use our broken lives. Thanks for letting me know you like it.

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