I have a confession to make.  I have to be really, really honest on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving day.

Here goes, there have been moments I have thought to myself, “Can’t we just skip Thanksgiving? Really, let’s just get on with Christmas!

However,this year it seems every store is jumping the gun and moving onto Christmas for the last several months even…  Moving faster than I have even wanted too and that says a lot.

The Gift

The Gift

I love Christmas! I mean LOVE Christmas! I love the  decorating, the gift giving, the gift getting, the wrapping of presents, decking the halls and just about every morsel of the holiday season.  But most of all I love the celebration of Christ’s birth.  That makes Christmas the best time of year of all. Frankly, once Halloween is over I am ready to jump right to Christmas.

But as I said sometimes I think “why can’t we just skip Thanksgiving and just jump right into the Christmas season”! Let’s savor the season.  Really SAVOR all the hard work that goes into decking the halls and I really do mean decking the halls!  Here is a thought:  maybe we could just move Thanksgiving closer to Halloween and then we could have more time for Christmas.  Oh well, it’s just a thought.

But  in hindsight I know that is really a goofy thought, skipping Thanksgiving and all.  That would be a Big  No, No! We can’t just skip Thanksgiving, we need it.

We need Thanksgiving, not just to celebrate the history of our country, but we need it to remind us to stop and celebrate all our blessings. Blessings no matter how big or small are still blessings either way!  It is all in the eye of the beholder.

So as we celebrate this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Day, let’s remember that we can’t ever skip Thanksgiving or Thankful Thursdays, or any opportunity to be thankful for that matter, because we can never have enough opportunities to stop and give thanks for all Gods’ blessings! For it is in Thanksgiving that the flames of hope, gratitude, faith and joy are all stirred up!

Sometimes setting aside a holiday or an ordinary day are just  brief  moments in time we need to remind us of God’s faithfulness, His provisions and His unending love for us!

So on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Day,  may you celebrate  all the blessings you have had and continue to have in our lives no matter how great or small! Take a moment to give thanks!

Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today on this Thankful Thursday as we remember that we can NEVER ever skip Thanksgiving and jump to Christmas because Thanksgiving begins to prepare the heart of the believer for the most wonderful time of year, Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!

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