On this Thankful Thursday I got to thinking about how I tend to love celebrating the big things!

It’s kind of like the whole “more is more.”  The bigger the accomplishment the better. I am pretty sure I got that from my Dad.

But Winters, on the other hand, loves to celebrate the small stuff – especially lately. Our “to do” lists have been mounting up for months, well, maybe even years. And frankly, it was starting to freak me and Winters out a bit.

But I have found that I want more out of life with less in it. But I must be honest that is not easy for me even though I want it.

Now I love lists. I make them all the time for absolutely everything and I love to mark things off my list. But some things were simply not getting marked off.  And it was starting to really bug us.

So about a month ago, we made a decision to start hacking away at that list.   And so I am learning to celebrate the small stuff.

Little by little over the last few weeks we have whittled or chipped or hacked, whatever you want to call it, the things that must get done that haven’t gotten done and were simply weighing us down.

Yippie!! It is celebration time.

The SONS’ closets have been purged and clothes are being dispersed to friends whose sons are thrilled.

My closet is still in the process of purging – that may last a lifetime but I have made major strides.

I am purging once again dresser drawers! I have sold clothes, given away clothes and  have been working like crazy in my office.

We have made some necessary business decisions on building Pure Empowerment Coaching International and  my focus on Grief, Divorce, Parent and Health and Wellness Coaching.

We are checking things off our list. But each time we cross something off, Winters just simply reminds me to celebrate the small stuff!  Great wisdom from a great guy.

I would urge you today to think of all those things that are weighing you down and keeping your energy tied up and distracted from your greater purpose.

So on this Thankful Thursday, I pray that we can all begin to celebrate the small victories in our lives because the reality is the small victories all add up to enormous ones and can one day lead to more time for joy and  to do greater things for God and more time hanging out with family and friends.

Letting go of the small things lightens our load in life.

Try not to sweat the small stuff – just celebrate the small victories and embrace your life with gusto. Focus your attention on the significant things in life and not the insignificant.

So my Dear friends, be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we live life in our passion and purpose and celebrate the small stuff along the way!



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