Several years back I was driving down the road in Oklahoma and I realized my life looked strangely unfamiliar to me. It was a very difficult time in my life. My future seemed so unclear and uncertainty seemed to loom all around me.

I must be honest and say that our future still seems unclear at times and our plans. But we are making our way through the changes as best we can and with God’s grace we are seeing our way through slowly but surely.

As many of you know, in the last seven years we have taken on Alzheimer’s, job changes, buy outs, nursing homes, the loss of my mom, the loss of my dad, planning funerals,  moving once, moving twice, an estate sale, a home remodel, renting a house, flipping a house, returning to a house, selling a house, planting tulips, bidding farewell to friends and a great dispersion of stuff. Winters and I building and rebuilding careers and raising the SONs of Thunder. That’s just some of the list.

It was also during that time we have been on the brink of breakthroughs, breakdowns and plain broke more than once.

I am sure you too have your list. It may not look just like mine, but either way it is a list full of life challenges, disappointments and heart break; but hopefully joy scattered throughout!  

So on that particular day, it  all caught up with me.  I had hit my wall, as we say around the Winters’ house, and when you have hit your wall, well, you have hit your wall.  You may know what I am talking about.  I know some of you do because you have told me so.

As I was driving all alone down the highway that day, I knew if  I just allowed myself to simply think about crying, I would.

Not that I wanted to cry, but the pain was just too close for comfort. Sometimes the pain needs an escape hatch, for me the tear ducts are usually it.

Living on the brink can be hard over time!  But that is where we often spend much of our time and often where we really find ourselves…

Life is a journey and for the believer it is one of faith and trust.

On this journey called life, we spend much of the time trying to find the path, find the time and yes, sometimes even finding the faith to pursue the dream God has for us while we are at the brink of whatever it is we are facing.

Sometimes God has to take us to the brink to finally take us to our breakthrough.

We might feel as though we have been squeezed through the eye of a needle trying to get there, but in the end we will have found the path. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it isn’t.  But that is why we must surround ourselves with those who believe in our purpose.

Keeping yourself together can be difficult in the middle of mourning, munchkins, mothering, marriage and maintaining the meaning of life.  But it can been done.  Whether you get a break through right away or not, staying strong is so important for the journey.  It is important for you and important for your family.

Staying strong is accomplished many different ways and I have personally found some fabulous ways to stay strong in the midst of the trials and stresses of life.  This coming Tuesday I will have a new a post sharing those insights.  I hope you will check it out.

But we must remember we are not alone.  We must remember that God and love will hold us together – that God said He will never leave us nor forsake us.

In the midst of all of our issues of life, remember, we are not alone.

So on that day years ago, a song came on the radio that spoke so deeply to my spirit that I will never forget it.  It took me awhile to track it down but I finally did.  I was moved by the lyrics, instrumentals and the artist. Needless to say I was moved.

It has been danced to more than once as Winters and I have taken many spins around the kitchen to this all time favorite.  The Sons love it too!  Whenever I find myself getting down I love to play this inspirational song. Ironiclly, as I worked on this blog I heard the song three days in a row as I was in the car.  I rarely hear it and it was such a blessing. It just made me laugh and it put such a smile on my face.

Here are just some of those powerful words.  I can’t post the video here, but I hope you will check it out my Facebook page @ Corby Carlin Winters. This song and the video are powerful beyond words.  It brings me comfort, inspiration and encouragement. And I feel certain it will do the same for you.

Here is just a sampling, “It don’t have a job, it can’t pay your bills. Won’t by you a home in Beverly Hill. Won’t fix your life in five easy steps,  not the law of the land or the government. But it is all you need ~ Love will hold us together.  Make us a shelter to weather the storm. And I’ll be my brother’s keeper. So the whole world will know we are not alone.

It is waiting for you.  Knocking at your door.  In the  moment of truth. When your heart is full and you are on your knees.  Love will hold us together make us a shelter to whether the storm .  Because even in the dark you can still see the light, it’s going to be alright.” Love will hold us together .”This is the first day of the rest of your life.  It is going to be alright.  Love will hold us together make us a shelter to whether the storm!”

So dear, sweet friend, remember you may find yourself on the “brink” many times over in your lifetime but please … please … remember you are not alone. The love of others and the divine love of God will hold us together!

Be strong and of good courage and be blessed and encouraged today as God holds you together

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