Humming A Little Tune can Make Your Skin Beautiful

Humming A Little Tune can Make Your Skin Beautiful

Beauty, Singing and Humming believe it or not they have something in common.

I love to sing!  I mean I really love to sing.

When I moved away to college, the one thing my mom said she missed most about me being away was hearing me sing.

I sang pretty much all the time, especially around the house.  Now that she is gone, I can totally understand what she meant about the absence of one’s voice, whether singing or just sharing a sweet conversation.

Sometimes, even now, people catch me in the store singing a bit of a tune. This embarrasses the SONs so much which is hilarious.  Since by the way they are in the throes of puberty so it makes it even more fun.   It is just second nature to me and I really think nothing about it.

Needless to say, I love to sing.  It makes me happy and feel great – all at the same time.  My dad used to say that music calms the savage beast.  I think he was right, music is good for the heart and soul.  I grew up with music all around and I loved it.  Winters and I have made it an important part of our life and the SONs as well.

But awhile back while reading Elle Magazine’s November issue, I came across  an interesting article on beauty.  It was a great beauty secret to help you be a FabYOulous you, and it involved singing.

Evidently, humming and singing are great for your skin. I’m not kidding.

Dermatologist  AND psychiatrist  Amy Wechsler,  is one of only two people who hold both those degrees in the country. What a great combination.

Taking care of our skin and health takes a great deal of psychology.  I agree. How we feel about our appearance and health has a huge impact on our psyche.

In the article, Wechsler says humming releases nitric acid that speeds healing process.  She also believes it increases endorphins.  Humming helps with pain too, she say.  I would second that!

She shared the story of how patients who used stress balls to relieve stress, were  actually far more tense, especially in their shoulders.  However, those same people who instead sang or hummed were “totally relaxed.”  I would go for totally relaxed.

So I say sing or hum.  Why not try it. See if it can heal, calm and relax you.  If that can bring relaxation, then by all means sing or hum.

But several years back I had vocal strain and had to work hard at resting my voice. I wasn’t allowed to speak for a month.  Not easy for a singing and chatty gal like me.  But I have now learned some ways to take care of my voice and still enjoy singing and speaking to women!  God has been faithful to restore my voice and I have been able to sing once again!  That indeed gives me great joy!! Remember my friends that God is so faithful.

Now there is one caveat, which Wechsler did not mention, but I feel I must share …

If you can’t sing a lick, then you might want to limit your singing or humming to the shower.  It will still make you beautiful.  Or  another option just stick to humming.  Because we don’t want to stress out anyone else while you are trying to relax yourself.

Be Blessed and continue to be Fit, FabYOUlous, Fierce, Bold and Beautiful healthy You!

Happy Humming!





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