Corby's heashot by GinaFeeling fabulous isn’t always easy especially for busy MOMs who are running here and there.  Children are precious  but sometimes they happen to throw up on you, pick their nose and wipe it on you or toot in a close radius.  Those are not things that make a MOM feel fabYOUlous … Right? Right?

Every MOM knows that kids, tweens and teens keep us on our toes and sometimes so busy we don’t feel we can take care of ourselves.

Some may even say it isn’t necessary to feel fabulous and that feeling good, is well, good enough.

That may be true for some, but I want to urge you today to seek out that which makes you feel fabYOUlous.

Winters and I have been honest about how difficult the past five to seven years have been.  Several years back I had just finally stopped long enough to feel all the feelings that I had been trying to process for many, many years.  I had done all I could do and things just weren’t getting better.  So came a mini meltdown I described in a Thankful Thursday several years back.

But even in the midst of that meltdown, there were days that I still felt fabulous in the midst of the craziness, sorrow and grief.  I loved life and was grateful to the good Lord for all his blessings and most of  all His grace that is always sufficient.

I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, thank God. I  just missed my folks.

But I could still see the Golden Door …

Today, I wanted to share secrets of the Golden Door .

Years ago Winters’ mom took my sister-in-law and I to a spa called the Golden Door.  It was an incredible and unforgettable place located in the hills of California.  It was a week full of amazing food, wonderful women, great workouts and yoga from morning until dark. Massages, manicure and pedicure too! And we had classes on meditation and cooking as well.
There was even a silent walk up a beautiful mountain and then a Tai Chi class at the top of the mountain and a silent walk back down.  Yes, believe it or not ,I can be silent.  I think I amazed everyone including Winters’ mom. Wonders never cease. Amazing hardly describes the week.
But as we prepared to leave the week of  inward reflection, exercise, healthy eating and  intentional living and focusing on caring for our soul, well the reality was that  just beyond the Golden Door was “Life.”  Yes, life was waiting for all of us.  Life full of its demands, responsibilities, expectations and reality – the real world was very real and just outside those beautiful doors.
That week was a special gift, but those opportunities rarely come.
Yes, we must  experience those fabulous moments and “care for our souls”  whenever and wherever we can.
But how do we do that?
It looks different to everybody and rarely do we get the opportunity to travel to the Golden Door. But we must find the golden door in our hearts and in the moments of life. Caring for our soul  and feeling fabYOUlous is a mind-set and an attitude of the heart.  It is a continuous day-by-day life style choice.
That’s it.  It is a choice.
There will be days that the choice to live intentionally and feel fabulous may be more difficult than other, but it is still a choice.
So how does one REALLY, I mean REALLY, care for their soul without being able to escape to the Golden Door.

In the LBD’s Guide I want to add some of my Golden Door thoughts:

Find what stirs your heart and your passion.

Hang onto the dream God placed in your heart so long, long ago.

Do what you love! Love what you do.

Find joy in the mundane things of life.

Rest even when you feel you can’t.

Learn to stop, yes, stop and take a time out when you need too.

Follow your passion.

Listen to the Lord.

Watch a sunset.

Dance in the kitchen.

Learn to say no

Hug your family.

Let go of judgment, criticism and condemnation.

Celebrate your life.

Celebrate your gifts and talents.

Celebrate your (fill in the blank) as “Winters” loves to say.

Hike a mountain in silence.

Forgive someone.

Try something new.

Don’t give up.

Don’t give in.

Trust God.

And get busy Living!

Be blessed and encouraged dear MOMs as we Make Our Mark… Find our FabYOUlousness and our Golden Door!

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