Monday Muse ~ Dreams and Inspirations ~ Fasting For Wisdom and Clarity

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Living in the Fast Lane I want to invite you to join my Circle Of the Sacred Few ~ which just means my dear friends and I  in a fast this week.  This is an excerpt from the Power Prayer Girls Guide, about fasting.  Just choose something you certainly enjoy and give it up until the day your choose to end your fast.  We have Chose Friday to end. I pray this will bless you with clarity, wisdom and insight on your life journey to fulfilling God’s call on your life! Fasting As A Spiritual discipline One of...

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Little Black Dress ~ Whimsy, Wit and Wisdom

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Life is full of choices … In our lifetime we will make some good ones and some bad ones. Life is also full of people whose choices and actions will hurt us.  They may say or do something that will even break our hearts, crush our spirits and possibly destroy our dreams. But God can put you back together again.  God is the great healer.   He is the restorer of our hopes, dreams and  purposes.  Our hope is not in man, but in God and Him alone. He will restore your broken dreams and restore your heart to...

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The LBD’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You~ Healthy Living Part 4

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Healthy living is achieved by many things and that is why I started this series, to help you identify those things that make your life healthier.  It is usually not just one thing that makes everything fall into place, but many. One of the best way to a fabYOUlous You is by having a healthy marriage and healthy friendships.  I refer to these friendships as the Sacred Few.  They are the inner circle.  Those who you can truly count on through thick and thin. Today we will just focus on these key areas in our...

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The LBD’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You~ Healthy Living Part 3

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I learned both the positive and negative side of  body image, nutrition and fitness having been in pageants all those years ago.  At one point I was  fortunate to even had a personal fitness trainer. I learned so much about taking care of my body and that has stayed with me all these years.  It was really a great experience. During those days I saw some pretty extreme behaviors and unhealthy habits but it was an invaluable education. That is just another reason I have spent much of my life pursuing healthy...

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Perception or Truth

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Perception verses Truth. Truth verses perception What is most important? How people perceive us greatly affects how we perceive ourselves. It is just a fact of life.  I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. People will say things that cut so deep we feel we may never recover.  And sadly, we may not.  It is only through God’s mercy and grace that we can move through hurt, pain and the misconceptions of who people believe we are. Dear friends, we are not the sum of what others perceive and believe us to be....

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Power Prayer Girls ~ Thankful Thursdays ~ Week 2

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It’s hard to believe that sometimes we struggle with having a thankful heart, but let’s be honest, sometimes it can difficult. It’s hard when our taxes are due, children are sick, bills must be paid, parents die, and relationships fall apart and yes, even when cars break down. Those issues can affect our attitude and how we feel.  It can affect how we view the world around us as a whole. Focusing our attention on the blessings of our life is crucial.  If we don’,t it can make it even more...

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