Mondays With Moms ~ M.O.M.s: Making Our Mark

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I often hear MOMs say, “I have no time for myself,” and that they say, “I focus all my energy and attention on my kids” and “I just never take the time for what I need for myself.”   Sometimes they are proud of this statement and sometimes they aren’t.  Frankly, some women no longer know what they really need anymore.  So in turn MOMs put their own needs on the back burner and are on the treadmill of life and Motherhood. MOMs must make time for themselves. It is great...

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The Little Black Dress’ Guide to a Just Too FabYOUlous, Fit and Health You!

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Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us and most of us are all in and out of the grocery store dealing with food, menus and meals.  That is easy for some and for others that can be both hard on your wallet, your mental health and on your emotions if your struggle with food. It may not sound like any big deal, but for some it can be. Holidays are fun, but we are constantly talking about what we are going to eat if you have some unhealthy issues with food can be a major struggle. We must all learn to deal with food,...

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The Little Black Dress’ Short Guide To A Just Too FabYOUlous And Healthy YOU!

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Today, I felt like sharing a bit of wisdom that I hope will  help all of  us to live a healthier life!  Especially living a healthier life when it comes to what we think and believe about ourselves. Perception verses Truth. Truth verses perception What is most important? How people perceive us greatly affects how we perceive ourselves. It is just a fact of life.  I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.  Some people will speak truth and others will speak what they believe to be true about us. People will say...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Dress Yourself Happy!

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On this Thankful Thursday, I am reminded of one of my mom and dad’s favorite CD’s. The Revival In Belfast. In 2002, there was a spectacular performance featuring that music at their church and they were hooked. In fact, mom loved it so much she called me and played it, while holding the receiver next to the stereo so I could hear it.  It was rather hilarious because I couldn’t even hear it. Finally, mom just bought a zillion copies and gave them to just about everyone she loved, including me. I...

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Little Black Dress’ Guide To A FabYOUlous And Healthy You!

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Fall is in the air and we all know what that means… It is time to pull out our favorite fall wardrobes; sweaters, boots, scarves and oh so much more! But it also means it is a perfect time to let go of the stuff in your closet we no longer need.  The clothes that really don’t work to create that fabYOUlous you.  Now let’s be honest, you all know what I am talking.  Remember that dress you just couldn’t live without and now it looks anything but fabulous on you or what about those shoes...

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The Little Black Dress’ Guide To A FabYOUlous You ~ NO PJ’s In Public Please!

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I wrote this post sometime back but thought it would be perfect for the Little Black Dresses Guide To A FabuYOUlous You!  I don’t think any women can be Fabulous in her pajamas in public in broad daylight.  I guess I would say I have a real HUGE problem with how so many women and men for that manner and teens are dressing these days.  So with all that in mind I wrote this to encourage all of to think twice before we run out the door in our PJ’s and to take a double take in the mirror. I was shopping...

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