We Can’t Just Skip Thanksgiving Can We? ~ Thankful Thursdays

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I have a confession to make.  I have to be really, really honest on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving day. Here goes, there have been moments I have thought to myself, “Can’t we just skip Thanksgiving? Really, let’s just get on with Christmas! However,this year it seems every store is jumping the gun and moving onto Christmas for the last several months even…  Moving faster than I have even wanted too and that says a lot. I love Christmas! I mean LOVE Christmas! I love the  decorating,...

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Wisdom, Wit and Whimsy

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Sometimes starting “somewhere” is better than starting “nowhere!” My friend, if you need to make a change. Don’t wait one more moment. Go for it! Be strong and of good courage and start “somewhere” which is right where you are. Don’t let the past choices you have made cripple you in the present. Making one small change can be the biggest change in your life and can change everything around you and in you. Remember it is never to late to be the person you want to be...

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I Just Love This!

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I saw these beautiful words on a Facebook post and just had to share it.  I pray it blesses, inspires and enriches your life! I WISH YOU ENOUGH” Recently, I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport as the daughter’s departure had been announced. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said: “I love you and I wish you enough.” The daughter replied, “Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Perilous Times

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I have to be honest, last week was a really hard week for me. I wrote several blogs for my  Thankful Thursday but I did not  post  any of them.  They were just not right. Frankly, most were just too sad. Needless to say, writing and finding just the blog can take work.  Sometimes they are easy to write and sometimes they are not.  This was indeed the later. As I said, it was a hard week for me.   But I finally wrote a blog I felt was perfect and ironically, when I finally finished it and was ready to hit...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Put On A Garment Of Praise

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This week has been hard for many of us.  We all face death. It was a death that was unexpected and it came far too soon for all of us. It was hard hearing of of Robin Williams’ death, but it was also hard for me to read the views so many had on suicide and depression.  My grief is also layered with the continued persecution of Christians in Iraq.  All this led me to thinking of my own loss and grief of my mom and dad. It made me think of my own  grief and battle with sadness and depression. So on this...

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Thankful Thursday ~ Giving Thanks Is Always A Win Win!

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{ Let me honest, spelling is not my gift!  But touching lives is … Fortunately,  I married a man who is a writer and editor.   Sometimes he             is available to edit before I post a blog – and sometimes not. But I know God has called me to speak and write, and  timing is everything. What                                                                    matters most is when I am led to write, I know I am to write. Thank God that Winters The Writer...

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