Mondays with MOMs Marking Our Mark~Raising Power Prayer Warriors

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Equipping Your Sons and Daughters To Become Mighty Intercessors for Christ I am working hard to raise The SONs to be Power Prayer Warriors. However, as a Power Prayer Warrior myself, I can raise The SONs to be Mighty Intercessors for Christ and that is just what we are working towards doing around our house. Exposing our children to prayer at an early age is one of the most important things we can do besides introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that all Power Prayer Warriors...

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Monday With MOMs: Making Our Mark ~ Life Giving Words

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Motherhood can be a very crazy time in a woman’s life. I’m not saying that crazy isn’t good but sometimes we can get a bit worn down as moms with all the responsibilities we have.  Mom means many things as we all know… everything from doctor, to chauffeur, to cook, to psychologist, to teacher, to even lifeguard to everything in between. MOMs must rise to the occasion and wear whatever hat is necessary at the time.   But another important job MOMs and dads have is that of an...

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Mondays With Moms ~ M.O.M.s: Making Our Mark

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I often hear MOMs say, “I have no time for myself,” and that they say, “I focus all my energy and attention on my kids” and “I just never take the time for what I need for myself.”   Sometimes they are proud of this statement and sometimes they aren’t.  Frankly, some women no longer know what they really need anymore.  So in turn MOMs put their own needs on the back burner and are on the treadmill of life and Motherhood. MOMs must make time for themselves. It is great...

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Monday With MOMs ~ Making Our Mark ~ Have I Become my MOM?

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Oh my, have I become my mother?  I ponder … Well, she would be a hard one to top. She was funny, loving, forgiving, wise and simply a great MOM.  I hope I have become my mother, but she was not perfect. Once my brother and I drove her so crazy she threw spaghetti at us and another time she was so irritated that she beat the pots and pans together.  When we were adults and recounted the story to her, she simply smiled and said, “It was macaroni noodles not spaghetti.”  My only retort was...

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