Grief Waits For You

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Death has touched the lives of five dear friends of mine this past week and last month my friend lost her dad. We have celebrated their lives and shed many tears.  My heart has been full of much pain and I have grieved for those I know and those I have never even met before. To deal with loss, heartache, pain and celebration of life, I write.  That is what I do. These past few days I could not help remember my own pain, loss and grief these past years when my parents died. I wrote this following blog and it has...

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Teen Talk Tuesdays ~ When Teens Share Wisdom

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Years and years ago when the eldest SON was  in preschool there was a MOM of one of his little classmates that was just not crazy about me.  I mean it, we just really didn’t click. I tried everything to befriend her. But it still did not click at all.   To be honest I wanted her to like me but it was obvious it was not going to happen. One day I sad about it after I had seen her at the preschool.  I was lamenting about in and how much it bothered me when The eldest SON who was about 4 years old happened...

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Monday With MOMs ~Making Our Mark

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When the SONs were small we watched hours of Dora the Explorer.  I know all about  Dora and especially the Restoration Rescue Squad. Friends are there for each other, especially true friends.  They are like a Restoration Rescue Squad  and are there for each other no matter what.  That is what we true friends do. I also love to call these women The Circle of the Sacred Few.  They are sacred to me because they are so special and sacred.  I cannot image walking through life without them.  I pray you have...

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The Health and Wellness Guide To Be A Fit, Just Too FabYOUlous, Bold and Beautiful From The Inside Out

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Today, I wanted to share a few personal thoughts and a bit of wisdom.  I hope it will  help all of  us to live a healthier life, especially living a healthier life when it comes to what we think and believe about ourselves. Perception verses Truth. Truth verses Perception  ~ What is most important? How people perceive us greatly affects how we perceive ourselves. It is just a fact of life.  I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.  Some people will speak truth and others will speak what they believe to be...

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Thankful Thursdays ~

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On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful and grateful that God is opening doors for me work with tween and teen girls. I have to be honest I adore them!  I love their passion and zest for life. And it is fun to see how much they love my shoes. So I wanted to share one of my latest weekly blogs called, Teens Talk Tuesdays. In my efforts to empower, equip and coach young women through my Pure Empowerment Purity, Passion and Purpose, Seminars, Workshops and Weekly Classes; I have added this new post to reach tweens...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ A Fresh Anointing!

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This morning I awoke with what I can only describe as a fresh anointing from the Lord! It came over me in the midst of cleaning house, loading the laundry into the washing machine and popping up some last-minute fall decorations.  It is funny sometimes when and how God moves isn’t it?  But I knew it was clearly a moving of the Holy Spirit ! I felt the urge to sing, so I sang.  I felt the urge to pray, so I prayed as well. It is Thankful Thursday and so on Thursday’s particularly my attention is...

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