Thankful Thursdays ~ Remember You Are A Light

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On this Thankful Thursday I am reminded as I read the newspaper that we live in difficult times.  It does not take long to see that many innocent people are impacted by the Godless and evil acts of others. For some today, it maybe difficult to find anything to be thankful for, especially if your life has been impacted by the evil or cruel acts of others. However, on this Thankful Thursday, I think that we can be thankful that God gave us the power to impact a world for Him. God’s love, grace and forgiveness...

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Encore~Thankful Thursday~This Is The Stuff That Makes Me Crazy

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What if on this Thankful Thursday … You lose your keys … You lose your dog … You can’t find your purse and you’re late to a meeting … You get home with all the hamburgers and no fries … Or you’re at the checkout at some grocery store and realize  you forgot the eggs in the deepest darkest part of the store. So you have to haul all the way back to get them.  Worse yet, you fill your cart and get ready to check out and you realized you left your wallet at home. The...

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Repost: Thankful Thursday ~ Dress Yourself Happy

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Today I want to share with you one of my all time favorite posts.  Since starting Thankful Thursdays, my readership has grown and many may have missed this post.  I love this one! But I am also re-posting this because yesterday I heard the tragic news that one of my dearest friends, one of my “Sacred Few,” had died suddenly in the hospital.  Jan Marie and I were the same age and had been life-long friends since we first met in Alaska. We never had a cross word and all I remember was what a...

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Monday Muses and Inspirations~Simple Taste

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I would love to say I am a simple girl with simple tastes.  But oh, that is so not true.  I have always believed that more is more is more! Really, the more the better. However, that was the old Corby and now I am trying to simplify my life. Yes, simple tastes can be a good thing.  Less can be more and more can mean less.  Less time dusting, moving and reorganizing the things you think you love and can’t live without. But often times those things keep you from really doing what you REALLY LOVE! Things...

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Freedom Really Isn’t Free

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Freedom isn’t really free, is it?  Someone paid a price for freedom.  The founding Father’s paid a price… Each solider that fought in every war, paid a price… And the solder’s that fight today. This very hour.  This very minute.  They fight for you and I to be free and pay a price… And even Jesus paid a price for you and I to be free… God sent His Son to die on a cross for our sins.  He died and rose again, so we could be free! The early Christians paid a price and...

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Motherhood, Munchkins And Hanging On To The Meaning Of Life!

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Motherhood can be a very crazy time in a woman’s life.  I’m not saying that crazy isn’t good but sometimes we can get a bit worn down as moms with all the responsibilities we have.  Mom means many things as we all know… everything from doctor, to chauffeur, to psychologist, to teacher, to even lifeguard to everything in between. Moms must rise to the occasion and wear whatever hat is necessary at the time.   But another important job moms and dads have is that of an encourager! When I am...

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