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For women’s ministry leaders, event coordinators or individuals, please contact me at the e-mail above to schedule me to speak at your next retreat.  Most retreats, seminars or workshops can be customized to the meet the special needs and focus of the women in your church.  Retreats may be held in a variety of venues and size may vary depending on the needs of your friends, church or school.

You can follow along on the other adventures of my life as The Little Black Dress. Join me and the Sons of Thunder as Winters the Writer chronicles our life journey by clicking below:



And check out Winters’ other web site – Everyone Needs A Sam – to learn more about mentors and seeking biblical wisdom and finding the Ultimate Sam. Books are available for purchase at the web site. If you submit your own “Sam” story, we’ll send you a free autographed book.

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Corby Carlin Winters, M.A.


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