Corby Winters is a Life Enrichment Coach and Speaker. Corby loves motivating, compelling and inspiring women to reach their full potential and achieve emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and greatness in Jesus Christ.

She loves teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of scriptures, storytelling, and good old life application. Corby’s passion is to empower, equip and encourage women of God of all ages to fulfill their dreams, passion and purpose!

Her specialized training and education from Oral Roberts University School of Theology, finishing with a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling has been a  highlight in her career path.  Another career high light was being named in 2012, Chaplain for the Miss Oklahoma Pageant where she spends a week each year ministering and praying with the contestants, their families and the entire pageant family.

She is known to some as a Power Prayer Girl based on books and blogs and others know her as the Little Black Dress based on her husbands books and blogs. She lives in Georgia and is proud to be the mother of three sons, fondly referred to as the SONs of Thunder.  She is married to Winters The Writer, who has authored three books and is also a speaker.

Pure Empowerment Life Enrichment Coaching and Speaking Services

Corby speaks in churches for women’s gathering, holiday events, workshops, weekend retreats and seminars as well as in schools, civic organizations and other venues. Her desire is to help women experience God’s best in every area of their life: from relationships to marriage, motherhood and nutrition to home, style, beauty, health and most of all to help women live the authentic life God has called each women to live.

She offers Life Enrichment Coaching in the area of health and wellness, Image, Style and Attitude for career and  Discovering Life purpose for family, career and unfulfilled dreams,

Her latest seminar is for young girls and teens designed to empower, equip and encourage them to be pure in their pursuits, passion and purpose! Corby discusses everything from what young women wear, to what they say, to what they do, to how they do it. Topics include style, character, purity, character, fashions, poise, money, education, goals and identity and worth in Christ.  This seminar is six weeks long.

As a Pure Empowerment Life Enrichment Coach and speaker, Corby’s heart is to teach and give  life-long skills and Biblical truths to help women of every stage and walk of life.  Her style of teaching is down to earth, straightforward and fun.  Corby loves to say “she has been there, done that and lived to tell about it.” Knowing this, Corby believes that God wants to use all of our stories and our whole life – the good, the bad and the  ugly – to give glory and honor to Jesus Christ. Corby has faced challenges and trials in her own life, and she is honest about those experiences and shares her greatest successes and her least impressive moments as well.  Through Life Coaching Corby is able to use proven success principles to work with women to reach their fullest potential and embrace their life with passion and fulfill their unique purpose and calling in Christ.

Corby is putting the finishing touches on a book on prayer written to help raise up a generation of mighty intercessors for Christ. She is also working on a children’s book and a healthy living cookbook.