Giving Thanks is always a Win Win

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{ Let me honest, spelling is not my gift!  But touching lives is … Fortunately,  I married a man who is a writer and editor.   Sometimes he  is available to edit before I post a blog – and sometimes not. But I know God has called me to speak and write, and  timing is everything. What                                                                    matters most is when I am led to write, I know I am to write. Thank God that Winters The Writer will fix it...

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The LBD’s Guide To A Fit, FabYOUlous, Bold and Beautiful Healthy You Inside and Out!

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Efficient and  effective! I love those words especially when it comes to working out and getting in shape! As a former pageant girl I can tell you, we were all about efficient and effective workouts. If we didn’t get results, then we moved on to something else because I guarantee you we were not going to waste our precious time on a lame, worthless workout. We wanted results and we wanted to see them sooner than later.  We wanted to feel healthy from the inside out too.  So it is incredibly important to...

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