The Little Black Dress’ Guide to a Just Too FabYOUlous, Fit and Health You!

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Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us and most of us are all in and out of the grocery store dealing with food, menus and meals.  That is easy for some and for others that can be both hard on your wallet, your mental health and on your emotions if your struggle with food. It may not sound like any big deal, but for some it can be. Holidays are fun, but we are constantly talking about what we are going to eat if you have some unhealthy issues with food can be a major struggle. We must all learn to deal with food,...

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The LBD’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You~ Healthy Living Part 3

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I learned both the positive and negative side of  body image, nutrition and fitness having been in pageants all those years ago.  At one point I was  fortunate to even had a personal fitness trainer. I learned so much about taking care of my body and that has stayed with me all these years.  It was really a great experience. During those days I saw some pretty extreme behaviors and unhealthy habits but it was an invaluable education. That is just another reason I have spent much of my life pursuing healthy...

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The LBD’s Guide to a FabYOUlous You ~ Healthy Living Part 2

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I am so excited about this series, The LBD’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You because helping women be emotionally and physically strong, healthy and fit is so important to me. Women are just plain busy and if you are a busy mom like me, I know you often put your needs last. Living a fit and a healthy life is what we all desire  for our mind, body and spirit and it is my goal to help you get what you want! Some of the things I will share are really obvious.  You may even think to yourself, really, of course I...

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The Little Black Dress’s Guide To A FabYOUlous You ~ The Essentials For Healthy Living Inside Out

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Starting today, I will be sharing every Tuesday a series called The Little Blacks Dress’s Short Guide To A FabYOUlous You ~ Essentials for Healthy Living From The Inside Out. I am really excited about this series because I am sharing about something that is near and dear to my heart.  I want to give women, like yourself, important information to help you experience the healthiest life you can and make long-term choices that will lead to optimum emotional and physical health. I love health and nutrition and...

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