Ever Feel Like Your FabYOUlous Friday, Feels Like Anything But FabYOUlous!

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Ever expect your Friday to be fabulous but when you wake up to face the day it is anything but a fabulous Friday? Worse yet you can’t pinpoint why it isn’t fabulous or even just good for that matter.  Some days are just like that, but no one really wants to talk about those days do they? Do you ever feel like you want to pull the covers over your head and just give up? You’ve had it. You’re spent. You’re worn out and frankly you have nothing left to give. It is often hard for us to...

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Little Black Dress’ ~Whimsy,Wisdom and Wit

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Here is just a bit of wisdom for the week from King Solomon of Israel. “In everything you do put God first and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.”  Proverbs 3:6 Words to live by my friends. Be blessed and encouraged abundantly as we seek to put God first in all we do!

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The Little Black Dress’ ~ Whimsy, Wit and Wisdom ~ Sunday Column

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Today I had the opportunity to fill in for Winters Sunday Column  in Newnan Time-Herald and it was my honor and and pleasure.  In the nutshell, it sums up a lot about me and what I believe and the message I often share.  Especially, just how much God loves us and wants to use us!   Sometimes it is easy to look at others’ lives and think they seem so perfect and to have it all together. Well, that may be true until they look at mine. Winters sometimes finds it just a tad hard being...

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Your Story Matters ~ The Good, The Bad and Yes, The Ugly And Wacky Too

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Remember Your Story Matters!  All of It!! The Good, The Bad, and yes even the Ugly and wacky. God has entrusted each of us with our own unique story. Our stories are marked by our life experiences.  It is ours alone and unlike anyone else’s.  It is our story to share.  Some of our life story is beautiful while other parts are not so pretty.  But my friend it is Satan who wants to remind you of  how imperfect and  inadequate and flawed  you and I are. I am confident that God wants to use all of our...

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Little Black Dress’~ Whimsy, Wit and Wisdom

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Mother’s Day has not been easy for me the last couple of years since mom passed away in 2009 … The very first Mother’s Day without my Mom we were living in Oklahoma.  The thought of going to church on Mother’s Day was just a bit too much for me to wrap my head around.  The focus on a mother’s love and roses being given out or something special just made me want to cry at the thought of it. So I came up with a plan that seemed like a win win for all of us.  We piled in the suburban...

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God Is A God Of Restoration~He Restores Broken Lives, Broken People And Shattered Dreams!

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to do the devotional at Peachtree City JobSeekers.  For weeks I knew what I was going to share, as  most often I feel God’s leading toward a certain message when I am to speak or write. So I was already to share my message, We are all broken Pots, a post I wrote and it is also in the Power Prayer Girls Handbook I am writing. I love the story and in the nutshell it is about this fabulous french vase that I bought and it was broken in the garage before we ever had the joy of...

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