The Little Black Dress,The Shopper Girl and Corby Beth!

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I saw these beautiful words on a Facebook post and just had to share it.  I pray it blesses, inspires and enriches your life this Mother/s Day…I pray these words bless you richly my dear friends! ‘I WISH YOU ENOUGH” Recently, I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport as the daughter’s departure had been announced. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said: “I love you and I wish you enough.” The daughter replied,...

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Celebrating Freedom and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Politics has been touchy subject this past year and continues to be.  It has polarized many.  We will soon have a new president in the White house some are thrilled and some are very unhappy about this. But such is the world of politics. Typically, I love to discuss politics but often prefer to stay out of the discussion as of late. That’s because there is too much division, frustration and even heated tempers associated with this past presidential election. I do wish we had seen more class, decorum and...

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New Day ~ New You ~ New Beginnings

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Even though we are celebrating a new year, remember that every day is the perfect time to start living in your passion and purpose. I think self-examination, goal setting and getting a plan together is great any time of the year.  But most importantly, you must want to focus on YOU and your plan for success.   Many of us make New Year’s resolutions and try to accomplish some herculean goal that is unrealistic and unattainable.  That will soon lead to defeat and self-loathing.   But if we do not set...

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Thankful Thursday on Thanksgiving 2016

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Today on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving day, I pray  it is easy for you to know what to give thanks for and have a heart of gratitude. Giving thanks for family, friends, food and faith is a great place to focus our attention and heart. I pray your day will be filled with laughter, music, friends, family, food and  most of all great memories. Happy Thanksgiving from Corby Winters Holidays can be crazy and a bit stressful.  But in the midst of all of it we must always  find time to relax, breathe and...

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Pushing Rocks Up a Hill With a Dear Friend And A Plan

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Have you ever felt like  you were pushing rocks up a hill? I mean really pushing boulders up a mountain with no end in sight in some rickety old wheel barrel. Some weeks are just hard, some days are just hard too.  Okay, frankly, sometimes life is just plain hard, isn’t it? And there is nothing wrong with being honest and admitting that sometimes we struggle, even on Thankful Thursdays.  To act as though life were easy would be to me dishonest.  And I, my friends, am about being as real, honest and as...

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Mondays With Moms ~ MOMS Feeling FabYOUlous

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Feeling fabulous isn’t always easy especially for busy MOMs who are running here and there.  Children are precious  but sometimes they happen to throw up on you, pick their nose and wipe it on you or toot in a close radius.  Those are not things that make a MOM feel fabYOUlous … Right? Right? Every MOM knows that kids, tweens and teens keep us on our toes and sometimes so busy we don’t feel we can take care of ourselves. Some may even say it isn’t necessary to feel fabulous and that...

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