Ever Feel Like Your FabYOUlous Friday, Feels Like Anything But FabYOUlous!

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Ever expect your Friday to be fabulous but when you wake up to face the day it is anything but a fabulous Friday? Worse yet you can’t pinpoint why it isn’t fabulous or even just good for that matter.  Some days are just like that, but no one really wants to talk about those days do they? Do you ever feel like you want to pull the covers over your head and just give up? You’ve had it. You’re spent. You’re worn out and frankly you have nothing left to give. It is often hard for us to...

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Still sayng goodbye to my mother and my Best Friend

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My grandmother used to tell my mother that she ( she being my mom ) should not get mad at her, because she was her first friend and her best friend.  Grandma Scheiderman wasn’t talking about the chummy or buddy friendships.   No, this was the forever friendship.  The friendship that endures through thick and thin .  The “I will stand by you forever friend” and “I will believe in you always, even when no one else does friend.” My mother had carried on Grandma...

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This is the stuff that still makes me crazy

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What if on this Thankful Thursday … You lose your keys … You lose your dog … You can’t find your purse and you’re late to a meeting … You get home with all the hamburgers and no fries … Or you’re at the checkout at some grocery store and realize  you forgot the eggs in the deepest darkest part of the store. So you have to haul all the way back to get them.  Worse yet, you fill your cart and get ready to check out and you realized you left your wallet at home....

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Celebrating the Small Stuff at The Holidays

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On this Thankful Thursday I was thinking about how I tend to love celebrating the big things! I mean the BIG things and BIG accomplishments … It’s kind of like the whole “more is more, thing.”  The bigger the accomplishment the better. I am pretty sure I got that from my Dad. But Winters, on the other hand, loves to celebrate the small stuff – especially lately. Our “to do” lists have been mounting once again. And frankly, it was starting to freak me and Winters out a...

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Coaching with Corby ~ Say Nice Things To Yourself

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  Say nice things to yourself! Your words have power and so does what you believe about yourself, whether it is true or false. Your self talk speaks life or even death. It is so important to remember that what you say to yourself all day long has a major impact on your mind, body, spirit and soul.  We have an internal dialogue with ourselves all the time. That internal dialogue is what we often refer to as “self talk.”  Sadly, most people struggle with saying negative and unhealthy things about...

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What holds us together

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Several years back I was driving down the road in Oklahoma and I realized my life looked strangely unfamiliar to me. It was a very difficult time in my life. My future seemed so unclear and uncertainty seemed to loom all around me. I must be honest and say that our future still seems unclear at times and our plans. But we are making our way through the changes as best we can and with God’s grace we are seeing our way through slowly but surely. As many of you know, in the last seven years we have taken on...

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