Today I want to invite you to

Embrace God and Embrace your Life!

Give yourself  and everything you have to it!  God wants you to live life to its fullest and not hold anything back.   It is when we embrace our life we can begin to truly live the Extraordinary Life God has for us!  He wants to work in you and through you,  to impact a hurting world.   As a counselor for many years, I have worked with countless women who were bound up by insecurity, fear and doubt.  This in turn, limited them in being able to fully express themselves and fulfill their callings.   God wants you to shake off all the things that are keeping you down and holding you back. God wants you to walk in confidence and freedom.  He wants you to embrace your life and rise up to fulfill the call He has placed in your heart.  He wants to use you in a mighty way to change the world! So go for it

Embrace Your Life

Embrace Your Life

So often we hold back.  You know what I am talking about.  We hold back because we afraid to embrace our lives, embrace others, embrace our talents and sadly even embrace ourselves.  We are afraid to be real.  We are afraid to be honest.  The bottom line is we are afraid of what others may think about us.

To fully embrace our lives, we must only care what God thinks about us.  We must be ourselves. We must be real with God,  others and ourselves.  It is in our realness and transparency that God frees our spirit!  This ,dear friends, is true freedom. On the cross at Calvary Jesus liberated and delivered you and me.  And whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

To know who you are in Christ, and to confidently walk in His shelter, provision and outpouring is simply awesome.   To experience this kind of  freedom takes courage, confidence and faith in Jesus Christ.  This is when we learn to say, ” Lord I am going to trust you no matter what.” This is not vain or prideful.  It is having confidence in Christ and who He has created and called us to be.

Once we place our confidence in Jesus Christ, we can then be bold and confident in our calling, confident in our purpose and confident our gifts.  This is not pride or selfish ambition, but is a celebration and confidence that our talents and gifts can be used to lead others boldly to the throne of Christ!

I want to share a short story with you about this totally beautiful women that was an amazing Artist.  People would say she was truly gifted.  She was gifted at every type of medium.  Whatever she touched, from hand- painted tiles, banners,  needle point to pastels, her work turned into a work of art. She could write poetry, short stories and Bible studies.  She was an amazing leader.  The sky was the limit for her success, but it was her insecurity that was limiting.  As long as I knew her, I never once heard her call herself an artist.  She blessed many people through her talent.  When I would say to others that she was an artist, she would bashfully smile and say, “Not really.”  She just could not call herself an artist.  But indeed she was.  Her work attested to that! She lacked confidence, and in turn, it limited her ability to  fully embrace her gifts and ultimately fully embrace her life.  I often thought how much more this woman could  have accomplished if she had just embraced and believed in the gifts God had given her?

This women, however, poured every shred of confidence, strength and courage into me!  This story isn’t just about anyone, it is about my mother! This was my amazing mother, spirit- filled, prayer warrior and gifted-artist.  The woman whose work lives on in me and through me lacked confidence yet poured so much into me! She used to say that I was one her greatest works of Art! My brother was the other….. Don’t let your insecurities hold you back from being all God created you to be!

Be bold and be brave, dear friend.  Declare to others and to yourself the dreams and gifts God has given you to share with the world. Don’t be timid,  Go out into the world with courage and share your gifts with great confidence in the name of the Giver of the Gifts, Jesus Christ!!!