I appreciate how much you really love the Lord and want to spread his word – you do this in such a warm and empowering way.  Your blog is fun to read and down to earth. I most always feel as if we were sitting in a room with you having a cup of tea sharing life’s ups and downs.  Thank you for your support and words of wisdom. You have a gift and I pray you continue to inspire all of us!  May God bless you, Corby Winters.

Kelly Warren

New York, New York


Corby Winters’ enthusiasm and love of life are motivational and contagious. Even a short visit or chat with Corby, or a brief glimpse at one of her blog posts, cannot help but bring cheer to the gloomiest day. Corby is a loving, caring person who knows the importance of both family and friendship. Corby’s bonds with friends remain strong even when years go by between visits. In Corby’s case, it is no cliché, she IS an inspiration!

Tanya Tromble

Lascours, France

You are so sweet and I love your website. Lordy, you have such a wonderful way with words and such a message for the world. I know you will be successful at your ministry. You have so much to give this world and this old world needs you. It is a heavy burden but you have been made to do this. The young women of this world need the messages you are giving. God love you!

Harriett Navrat

Witcha, Kansas


I paraphrase Shakespeare and ask,

Who is Corby? What is she,

     That all our swains commend her?

Is she the little girlish woman who changed into her old shorts and tee shirt and grubby tennis shoes shortly after arriving at my house and meeting me for the first time to help me plant perennial blue salvia? I wonder now if she is the reason that salvia bloomed so gloriously for so many years – if she had a certain “something” in her touch.

Is she the Oklahoma pageant queen who had absolutely no hint of the “beauty queen” in her manner when she came to visit, but jumped right into whatever was going on – my Methodist church choir practice; my little town’s local dance celebration of the Master’s golf tournament; my weekly rehearsal in choral society?

Is she the deeply mature spiritual person who took my hand and walked me around and around her front yard when my father died and I, unaccustomed to crying in front of people, could not hold back the tears?

Is she the friend who, my heart and spirit know is, in spite of miles and years apart, still no more than a phone call away, as close and as dear as ever?

Is she kind as she is fair?

For beauty lives with kindness

Cherie Griffin

Edgefield, South Carolina


Corby blesses and motivates women with her insight and enthusiasm for the Lord.

Deb Johnson

Newnan, Georgia

I regret that I never had the opportunity to properly thank you for your incredible seminar.  I related to your story and I just wish you could know to what degree your seminar blessed me. May God use you greatly!

Kimberly Hamliton

Gaithersburg, Maryland

I really like your Thankful Thursday posts. I continue to be surprised at all I am asked to deal with and take care of. When I read your posts I am reminded that this is life and you encourage me. May you be encouraged as you bless women

Joan Ramsey

Grove, Oklahoma

Kudos girl for speaking up on an issue that’s been ignored way to long. It’s not hard to raise Godly kids that respect themselves enough to dress like their worth. Keep up the good work! Love You!!

Trish Tipton

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Corby, I know that your Mother is so proud of you. She and Jesus are cheering you on saying “Go for it. You can do it!” I love you dear friend. Thank you for your testimony.

Cynthia Kimmer Hunt

Newnan, Georgia


Mrs. Winters thank you so much for coming to our class and speaking to us I had a great time and I hope you did too…. When you talked to us it was awesome thinking that you were Miss Tulsa it was amazing!  Thank you so much

Karah Bassett

Grove, Oklahoma


My Dear, Sweet Corby!!

You don’t have enough space on this page for me to write about the many ways you have personally touched my life….what a blessing from heaven you have been to me! You have an unbelievable gift of encouragement that seems to transcend even the darkest hour. The Word of God says that a friend is “born for adversity”. This means that when you need them the most, they will stick with you, lift you up in prayer, and be that voice that God Himself desires each and every one of us to be. That is exactly what you are to me…and to all who have been blessed to know you. I look
forward, with great anticipation, to seeing what the Lord is going to do in your life and ministry. You were given a message, and the desire to share it! GO FOR IT GIRL!! We are all cheering you on!

Angie Templeton

Newnan, Georgia