Love your Thoughts ~Tips To Adjusting High School

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The Sons and I are working on an article, Tips to adjusting to High School. Love any insight and thoughts you may have or your child. Love to include it in The Shopper and The Paper we own.  Names will be anonymous so no worries. Let us know any things that might be a concerns, thoughts or fears for your kiddos as they make this transition. Let us know your thoughts here or private message me  on facebook oor email me at If you have any thoughts that your children want share I would to...

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Thankful Thursday ~ Sometimes It Is Time To Just let Go

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Are you tired of the same-old same-old?  Are you tired of your life and all the “STUFF” in it? For those of you who know me well, you know I usually think that “more is more” and for the most part, I think stuff  is a good thing. Yet at the same time, sometimes “STUFF” must go!  Sometimes more stuff is just that-  more “Stuff”. Well, fear not, there is great news for us!  It’s a new year and that is a perfect time to say “out with the old and in with...

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Celebrating Freedom and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Politics has been touchy subject this past year and continues to be.  It has polarized many.  We will soon have a new president in the White house some are thrilled and some are very unhappy about this. But such is the world of politics. Typically, I love to discuss politics but often prefer to stay out of the discussion as of late. That’s because there is too much division, frustration and even heated tempers associated with this past presidential election. I do wish we had seen more class, decorum and...

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Thankful Thursdays make an appearance on FabYOUlous Friday

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Several years ago I was blessed and honored to speak to a wonderful group of women … I spoke at the Skin Spa in Newnan to more than 240 women and a few faithful hubbies .This year  I  was crazy busy helping with VBS at our Church at Cornerstone UMC. Both evening were wonderful evenings… These were both incredible evening until I realized I did not post a Thankful Thursday.  I was in shock!  I have not skipped a Thankful Thursdays in years but I decided we would just call it Thankful Thursdays on...

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Celebrating My Father and My Very First Prince

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My father was my Prince Charming and I adored him.  On November 10, 2010, my precious prince quietly left this earth to spend eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And he was welcomed in the arms of my mother, the reigning Queen of his heart, who passed away 15 months ago. Daddy treated me like a princess.  He did things a prince would do for his princess. He bought me a horse when I was just 6 years old, built my brother and I the best puppet theater any child could ever want.  He loved us.  He...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Winning the Clutter War

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For as long as I can remember, I have tried to devote Thursday’s as a cleaning day. But lately everyday seems like cleaning day… Keeping a house spic and span has never been my gift.  This is no secret to those  who know me.   The combination of an creative and an artist, dealing with some focus issues add in three SONs and inheriting many of my parents treasures, well honestly, it makes for a crazy mix. But I keep facing this issue all the time,  “Isn’t it amazing how we learn from...

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