Teen Talk Tuesdays ~ Just Keep Talking

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Ok, Teens Keep Talking Please and most importantly keep the lines of communication open. The bottom line is … Talk to your parents. Talk to your pastor. Talk to your mentors. Talk to your Coaches. Talk to your teachers. Talk to those that you know you can trust to give you sound Godly wisdom,  Everyone has advice and everyone has an opinion.  But the important thing is who are you getting your advice and wisdom from.  Ask and seek guidance from those you know have greater wisdom than you do and those who...

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Teen Talk Tuesdays ~ When Teens Share Wisdom

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Years and years ago when the eldest SON was  in preschool there was a MOM of one of his little classmates that was just not crazy about me.  I mean it, we just really didn’t click. I tried everything to befriend her. But it still did not click at all.   To be honest I wanted her to like me but it was obvious it was not going to happen. One day I sad about it after I had seen her at the preschool.  I was lamenting about in and how much it bothered me when The eldest SON who was about 4 years old happened...

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Teens Talk Tuesdays~Listening To Your Teens Can Be Life Changing~Encore’

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Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss what our tweens and teens say because we are tempted to think, they’re “just kids.” Trust your teen’s instincts and yours as well. Listen to them and if they rarely if ever cry wolf then you need to trust them when they think something isn’t quite right. Last week a tween thought something  just wasn’t right, 10 year old, Danny DiPietro was coming home from Lacrcoss practice with his dad when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He...

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Mondays with MOMs Marking Our Mark~Raising Power Prayer Warriors

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Equipping Your Sons and Daughters To Become Mighty Intercessors for Christ I am working hard to raise The SONs to be Power Prayer Warriors. However, as a Power Prayer Warrior myself, I can raise The SONs to be Mighty Intercessors for Christ and that is just what we are working towards doing around our house. Exposing our children to prayer at an early age is one of the most important things we can do besides introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that all Power Prayer Warriors...

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Teen Talk Tuesday ~ Be What You Want To Be

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If you want to be treated like an adult you have to act like an adult. This is a statement we often say around the Winters house.  That statement was said by a dear friend and counselor we know and needless to say, I love it. But think about it, how true is this statement, not only for tweens and teens striving to become independent but frankly for all of us. In order to gain independence and trust we have to demonstrate that we are independent and trustworthy.  That is a fact of life no matter our age.  So I...

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Thankful Thursdays ~

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On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful and grateful that God is opening doors for me work with tween and teen girls. I have to be honest I adore them!  I love their passion and zest for life. And it is fun to see how much they love my shoes. So I wanted to share one of my latest weekly blogs called, Teens Talk Tuesdays. In my efforts to empower, equip and coach young women through my Pure Empowerment Purity, Passion and Purpose, Seminars, Workshops and Weekly Classes; I have added this new post to reach tweens...

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