Here are just a few reasons why working with Corby Winters Pure Empowerment Life Enrichment Coaching can benefit you and help you reach your goals and change your life

Coaching is about personal growth in many areas. Working together, we set out to help you find success in those areas you wish to focus on.  As your Life Coach we may exchange emails them between meetings and have work by phone or in person   My job is to help you make the life changes necessary to reach your desired outcome, your specific goals and help you accomplish those goals. As your life Enrichment Coach I help you stay on track to get where you want to be and to stay there!

Main areas of focus Life Enrichment Coaching:

Optimum Health and Wellness

Image, Style, Presence and Attitude for home, work and relationships

Life Purpose and Vision for Family, Work and Relationships


Many women seek Life Coaches to help them through specific situations that arise in everyday life such as:

  • Changes in relationships
  • Career transitions from unemployment to job loss
  • Spiritual growth
  • Personal development
  • Professional development
  • Mothers of young children
  • Career Mothers
  • Learing effective communications skills
  • Weight loss
  • Family problems and crisis
  • Health and Wellness
  • Care giver support and elder care
  • Unfulfilled dreams and desires

What Life Coaching with Corby can do for you?

  • Set present and future realistic goals
  • Establish  a plan on how to work to attain those specific goals
  • Support you as you work to achieve your identified goals
  • Identifying and discovering your dreams, passion, aspirations
  • Discover what is working for you and what isn’t
  • Let go of bad attitudes and bad habits
  •  Work to resolve issues holding you back from setting, reaching and fulfilling what is important to you

As your Life Coach, my job is to also help you with some of the following areas of your life!

  • Develop and implement strategies for the change
  • Teach life long skills and biblical principles and tools
  • Help you  learn to hear your inner voice and know when it is right or wrong
  • Fulfill your purpose

What Coaching with Corby will also do for you and help you with!

  •  Accountability
  • Goal setting
  • Personal strategic planning
  • Clarification of Values
  • Brainstorming
  • Motivational support


How Tweens and Teens girls can benefit from Life Coaching!

My work with teen girls is designed just for teens I target specific area in both my Pure Empowerment Seminar .  However Life Coaching again is often and Life Coaching with Teens

  • Personal development and growth
  • Goal setting
  • character building
  • Fashion trends
  • Purity
  • Dating
  • Timeless style
  • Poise
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Friendships and relationships
  • Critical issues for young women.


If Pure Empowerment Life Enrichment Coaching sounds just like what you need, I hope you will contact me today for Coaching and Call Corby!

My desire as your Life Coach is to help women of all ages discover and fulfill your dreams, passions and purpose by empowering, equipping and encouraging you in your personal and professional growth.

As a Life Enrichment Coach I draw on my formal education, Life Coach training and my experience as a counselor, youth minister, Life Coach, Miss Oklahoma chaplain, modeling instructor and even motherhood to provide life skills and Biblical principles that I believe will last a lifetime.