It is said we are remembered by the gifts and legacy we leave our children. How do want to be remembered by your children, grandchildren and friends?

Mom and Dad

In this session I share how we can leave a lasting impression on those we meet by imparting three great gifts. I use scriptures, personal stories and a few personal props to make the legacy of the Three Gifts come alive for women.

It’s a perfect message year-round, and especially meaningful at Christmas and Mother’s Day.  The Legacy of the Three Gifts is perfect for a luncheon or dinner, and can be expanded into an entire retreat weekend.


Mom and Me at Christmas



I was so blessed to be raised by two amazing gift-givers and in this message you will gain insight into the powerful life skills and lessons my parents shared with me and the world.

These are gifts that will leave an eternal blessing and can be truly life changing.

Women will walk away with tangible ways to impact their families and others they come into contact with.