Here is what I am up too…

As of April 2017, I have been working with my husband, John Winters to grow Winters Media and Publishing Inc.

I spend most of my days working with businesses and helping them grow and thrive in our communities and economy.  I am still speaking and ministering and would love to come to your church, preschool or office. I am no longer offer personal life coach as for now.

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Since I was a young women my passion has been to empower, equip and encourage others to live life in their passion and purpose.  I love leading seminars, retreats and workshops to help them create the life they want live and the legacy they want to leave…

Right now the Winters Media and Publishing team is in the throws of helping others grow their businesses.

I also help identify personal, professional and parenting goals in their lives and work with them to make a plan to achieve those goals. My job as a Mom Coach is to support and encourage MOMs to Make Our Mark.

The best part of what I do is we take those roadblocks and use them as stepping stones to reach their greater purpose!

I have one husband, three SONs and we live with three dogs, two cats, one snake and all our gerbils are in heaven and long with my wonderful parents.   I lost both my mom and dad to complications from Alzheimer’s.  But we made it through that season of our life with the Lord’s help.  As for me, I coach,  speak,  teach,  write,  blog, and create my own art and own jewelry line.   But  honestly, what matters most is I am crazy passion about Jesus.

  • I love  sharing stories  about life, love, loss and good old life application messages.  I also love to share the gospel of Jesus and hope that you would contact me to speak at your church or other organization
I want others to embrace their lives with un-abandoned fervor, remembering we can all still live an extraordinary life even in the midst of difficult times.  I want you to develop a deeper sense of who you are and why you were created for such a time as this.  I also want to help you develop a deeper and richer understanding of  your worth.  I an confident that we each have a calling, a purpose and a passion to celebrate as we walk each day in healing, wholeness, restoration and freedom. This is my greatest joy!