Retreats, Seminar, Workshops and Bible Studies

Discovering A Whole  New You

This is a one day Seminar where women learn ways to achieve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being from the inside out.  This seminar focuses on perfecting the mind, body and spirit connection. We will discuss finding balance in women’s emotions and in their particular season of life.  Teachings will also include celebrating a woman’s worth, concurring negative self talk, managing stress and goal setting.  Health, beauty and nutrition topics will be covered as well as poise, image, wardrobe, skin care, make-up, and nutrition.  Also a new addition to this seminar is from the home front, sharing with women ways to create an environment at home that encourages beauty, harmony, joy and peace on a budget.  Most importantly women will learn ways to deepen their walk with the Lord.  Life is a balancing act and this seminar will allow women to walk away with life long skills and tools to embrace their life with confidence, enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose.  This is a great opportunity to Discover a New You!

Come Celebrate The Extraordinary Life

Come Celebrate The Extraordinary Life

The Legacy of the Three Gift

How do want to be remembered by your children and grandchildren?  We can leave many gifts but the greatest gifts is The Legacy of Three Gifts – In this Session Corby shares how we can leave a lasting impression on those we meet by imparting three great gifts.  She uses scriptures,personal stories and a few personal props to make the legacy of the Three gifts come alive for the women at this session

The Power Prayer Girls

Power Prayer Girls is a powerful message on the power of prayer! It is my desire to help women build a deeper and more life changing relationship with Christ through prayer.  I also share how to establish an intimate Power Prayer Girl Partnerships with other women ! I am also excited about my new The Power Prayer Girl handbook to help and empower and equip women to be mighty intercessors for Christ!  I am working hard to finish it and to the publisher in order to get it into your hands soon!

I Was Once A Pageant Queen

But now it’s all about the motherhood, munchkins, marriage, and hanging onto the meaning of Life!

These are life lessons from a determined, dedicated, Godly Gal who has been there, done that and lived to tell about it.  God knows where you are and what you need.  This is a glimpse into life before, during, and after preschoolers and even the tween years, which is a critical time for women’s identity and their marriages.  It is my desire to help equip women to embrace this time and make the most of it.  It is also key to never lose “you” along the way and God’s purpose for you. Come be refreshed and renewed in this season of your life. You deserve it; I promise the laundry will be there when you get home!

Restore Your Soul

This is a one, two or three day retreat for women who are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by life’s hectic schedule.  It is a fact that women are running from activity to activity and many are simply over committed.  Women will learn practical way to distress their life and find the balance and they need.  This retreat is perfect for those women needing a break from the distractions of life that keep them from growing closer to the Lord.

The Restore your Soul Retreat will teach ways to bring order to both your personal and spiritual life.  This retreat will provide a time of reflection, inner healing and finding inner peace.    Women will learn about medication on scripture, the art of relaxation and the treasure of journaling.  This retreat is a perfect place and time to get physically and spiritually renewed.  A time to reconnect with God, friends, and other women.  Women will have time to nurture and learn to take care of themselves.  Over all the retreat will provide a time of reflection, prioritizing, fellowship and relaxation.  Be Restored.

The Art of  Gracious Living

Helping women turn their houses into a soothing and nurturing environment.  A home that reflect the love of Christ  Corby helps women choose colors, furniture and art that reflect their personal style and creates a home of serenity.

Life Style Makeovers

Corby will meet with you one on one for the ultimate makeover.  Helping women become all God wants you to be from the inside out through working on your mind, body and spirit.  In the life style Makeover Corby help women create the life they have always dreamed of…..