Monday Muse ~ Dreams and Inspirations

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The other day when I was praying with a friend of mine, I prayed the following prayer. “Lord, please do not let the insignificant things of this life keep us from the significant”. I could not help but think about how many insignificant things I spend my energy on.  I also couldn’t help but think about how often we spend so much time on the small and meaningless things that keep us from what really matters and what is really important.  Sadly, we can one day wake up and find ourselves...

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Monday Muse ~ Dreams and Inspirations!

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May the God of hope fill you will all joy and peace as you trust Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit! Romans 15:13 I pray if you find yourself this Monday losing hope! Hang on dear friends, God is on your side and He is more than able to meet all your needs!  He is a God of miracles!  You can put your hope and trust in Jesus because He cares for you! Be blessed and encouraged abundantly today as we are filled with a hope that overflows!

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Here I Am Lord, Use Me ~ Encore

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On this Thankful Thursday I am honored, humbled and thrilled all at the same time!   As of Sunday I will be appointed the new Chaplain for the Miss Oklahoma Pageant.   Here  is the post I wrote after serving as Chaplain last June.  I hope you enjoy it and it blesses you!   I am reminded of a wonderful spiritual experience I had a couple of months ago. I was with some of the brightest and most beautiful women in the state of Oklahoma. Yes,  I mean beautiful, smart, lovely, Christian women.   They were...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ That’s The Stuff That Makes Me Crazy! ~ Encore

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I love this Thankful Thusday so I thought I would share it again!  I hope you love it too! What if on this Thankful Thursday … You lose your keys … You lose your dog … You can’t find your purse and you’re late to a meeting … You get home with all the hamburgers and no fries … Or you’re at the checkout at some grocery store and realize  you forgot the eggs in the deepest darkest part of the store. So you have to haul all the way back to get them.  Worse yet, you...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Some Thursday’s Are Easier Than Others

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Each week I rarely come to the computer without an idea and a message I feel God wants me to share… However, this Thankful Thursday it was a bit different for me.  My heart and my mind seemed to spin with ideas but I was devoid of a confirmation, that was until I was returning an email to the middle Son of Thunders music teacher early this morning.  You see, it has been a long, long seven days for the middle Son, since he has been fighting a virus starting late in the evening on Friday.  He was...

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Thankful Thursday~Getting Lost On The Way To Being Renewed~Encore

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At the Winters Villa, we call it “hitting your wall”. You may call it something else at your house, but we call “It” that.  The thing you feel when you know you can’t take one more step, one more move, one more phone call not returned, one more whatever.  It is when you’re flat-out “spent”. You have nothing left to give yourself – or anyone else for that matter. To be honest friends, I have felt that more than once in the last several years.  Starting over a...

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