John Winters and me!

We own Winters Media and Publishing, Inc.

We all love growing businesses and we love print media.

We bought The Coweta Shopper, Thanksgiving Eve in 2016 and now it is call  The Shopper.  We reach more than 44,000.  OK, not really but I love to say that. Because let’s be honest, there are times in marriage it feels like you have been married for an eternity.  This picture of us was taken on a great day.  Winters and I know first hand that marriage can be hard, but we also believe that we are better together than apart.  So we choose to live, laugh, love, and celebrate the good, the bad, the wacky and yes, sometimes even the ugly together.

But dear sweet friends, that is life.  We are both broken pots, broken people who choose each day to love and cherish each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and even when our life seems to be in shambles. We  also celebrate that in the midst of it all, we are blessed beyond measure to have each other and the SONs of Thunder! We are gratful that God is helped us reinvent ourselves.

Blessing as we live life in our passion and purpose!