Thankful Thursday on Thanksgiving 2016

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Today on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving day, I pray  it is easy for you to know what to give thanks for and have a heart of gratitude. Giving thanks for family, friends, food and faith is a great place to focus our attention and heart. I pray your day will be filled with laughter, music, friends, family, food and  most of all great memories. Happy Thanksgiving from Corby Winters Holidays can be crazy and a bit stressful.  But in the midst of all of it we must always  find time to relax, breathe and...

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Mondays With Moms ~ MOMS Feeling FabYOUlous

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Feeling fabulous isn’t always easy especially for busy MOMs who are running here and there.  Children are precious  but sometimes they happen to throw up on you, pick their nose and wipe it on you or toot in a close radius.  Those are not things that make a MOM feel fabYOUlous … Right? Right? Every MOM knows that kids, tweens and teens keep us on our toes and sometimes so busy we don’t feel we can take care of ourselves. Some may even say it isn’t necessary to feel fabulous and that...

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Moms Making Our Mark ~ Raising Prayer Warriors

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Equipping Your Sons and Daughters To Become Mighty Intercessors for Christ I am working hard to raise The SONs to be Power Prayer Warriors. However, as a Power Prayer Warrior myself, I can raise The SONs to be Mighty Intercessors for Christ and that is just what we are working towards doing around our house. Exposing our children to prayer at an early age is one of the most important things we can do besides introducing them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that all Power Prayer Warriors...

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Coaching With Corby ~ Help Your Skin And Relax Too

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Beauty, Singing and Humming believe it or not they have something in common. I love to sing!  I mean I really love to sing. When I moved away to college, the one thing my mom said she missed most about me being away was hearing me sing. I sang pretty much all the time, especially around the house.  Now that she is gone, I can totally understand what she meant about the absence of one’s voice, whether singing or just sharing a sweet conversation. Sometimes, even now, people catch me in the store singing a...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Celebrate The Small Stuff

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On this Thankful Thursday I got to thinking about how I tend to love celebrating the big things! It’s kind of like the whole “more is more.”  The bigger the accomplishment the better. I am pretty sure I got that from my Dad. But Winters, on the other hand, loves to celebrate the small stuff – especially lately. Our “to do” lists have been mounting up for months, well, maybe even years. And frankly, it was starting to freak me and Winters out a bit. But I have found that I want...

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Be and Not Do

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Corby Winters’, Healthy Living Guide to be a Fit, Fierce, FabYOUlous, Bold and a BeaYOUtiful You. And before you think it,I will say it… Yes,I know that this is a long title full of adjectives, verbs, nouns and probably even more… But each word is key and necessary. One of my passions is to help others be as healthy as they can emotionally, spiritually and physically. I am always looking for ways to help others with ideas, tips and ways to help you make your life more healthy and balanced, as...

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