Put on a Garment of Praise ~ Encore’

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Today I am reminded of my mom and dad. I miss their zest for life.  Many of you will remember this story. My parents both shared a passion for  Christ, for His redemption, His healing and wholeness. .  One of my parents Favorite CD’s was The Revival In Belfast. In 2002, there was a spectacular performance featuring that music at my childhood and home church and they were hooked. In fact, my sweet mom loved it so much she called me and played it, while holding the receiver next to the stereo so I could...

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Who Might I have been at the Last Supper

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  I have often asked myself “If I was at the Last Supper, who might I have been?” Would I have been Peter, John, James or maybe even Judas?  or any of the others disciples for that matter. There have been times I am sure I have been like all of the disciples at one point or another. I have done a lot in my life that I am not that proud of, but thank God I have never blatantly denied Christ like Peter did, but considering what he faced, who knows? I simply pray I would never do the same. I have also...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ I Was One Blessed And Lucky Gal!

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On this Thankful Thursday I couldn’t help but think about what a blessed and lucky gal I really was. Whenever I needed advise, direction, encouragement and wisdom, I always knew I could count on my mother and father to be there for me. My father seemed to be my “go to man” when it came certain subjects.  Sometimes he gave me more advice than I needed, but other times it seemed there was never enough wisdom for one lifetime. Now that he is gone so too is any new wisdom he could impart. The other...

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The Circle of the Sacred Few ~ What Friendship Looks Like

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I received this today and I loved it.  I so felt I must pass it on and I pray it speaks to you!  I loved every word but I would have only changed 8 to 15!  I pray this speaks to you and bless you.  I also pray that you are nurturing relationships in your life that build you up and edify your spirit man!  Be blessed as you seek to be a blessings. “There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh....

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Thankful Thursdays ~ Stepping Up To The Plate

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On this Thankful Thursday, I was thinking about a friend of mine who works with a ministry that helps other countries take care of their poor and needy.   The other day she posted some pictures of the children in Rwanda on one of her Social Media sites. She was sharing all that God was doing there with the support of Christians in the US. She received many wonderful comments, but some shared a different point of view.  One comment that really got me thinking was from a person wishing that “SOMEONE”...

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A Word Of Encouragement!

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Today I heard a powerful message at church and I felt lead to share these brief words from our pastor with you.  His words spoke to my spirit and I pray they speak to you deep in your soul man as well. Near the end of the service the pastor said this to the congregation: God knows your problems. God knows your regrets. God knows your sin. God knows your hurt. God knows your loss. God knows your worry. God knows your failure. But God says, I will be your strength.  I will be your friend.  I will rebuild your...

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