Still sayng goodbye to my mother and my Best Friend

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Coaching With Corby, Empowerment, Grief, Healthy Living, Inspiration, Parents | 0 comments

My grandmother used to tell my mother that she ( she being my mom ) should not get mad at her, because she was her first friend and her best friend.  Grandma Scheiderman wasn’t talking about the chummy or buddy friendships.   No, this was the forever friendship.  The friendship that endures through thick and thin .  The “I will stand by you forever friend” and “I will believe in you always, even when no one else does friend.” My mother had carried on Grandma...

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Grief Waits For You

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Care of Body and Soul, Coaching With Corby, Grief, Pure EmPowerment | 2 comments

Death has touched the lives of five dear friends of mine this past week and last month my friend lost her dad. We have celebrated their lives and shed many tears.  My heart has been full of much pain and I have grieved for those I know and those I have never even met before. To deal with loss, heartache, pain and celebration of life, I write.  That is what I do. These past few days I could not help remember my own pain, loss and grief these past years when my parents died. I wrote this following blog and it has...

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