Being a former youth minister, Christian women’s speaker and yes, a mom of sons who are very honest about what they face at school, I know that we must help young people be pure in their intentions, passion, purpose and pursuits!

It is imperative we train and raise our children to be mighty prayer warriors and intercessors for Christ. We must equip them with the tools they need to face the future with strong moral character and conviction. We must empower them to make choices that ensure a future that keeps them at the center of God’s will for their lives.

Our young people face problems we never thought of. The internet, the continuing decay of our moral standards and constant peer pressure are all difficult issues they face.  

We need to empower them with biblical understanding and help them realize their full potential in Christ, and Christ alone. Toward that, I have developed seminars that focus on helping to empower our young people.

I take on serious issues with honesty, directness, laughter and humor. Helping young people think about the future in terms of relationships, education, career, faith and so much more! Self-worth, self-concept and goal-setting are just some of the ways I teach young people to live the life they desire and God has for them.



In addition to teen coaching, I also offer Pure EmPowerment – a six-week course for young teens tailored to empower, equip and encourage them to be Pure  in their passions, pursuits and purpose.  Pure EmPowerment embodies much of the issues mentioned above and more.

I’ve taken the best of my seminars, powerful teachings and insights to make a retreat for young women that is PURE EmPowerment! This retreat is designed to empower and equip young women to be Pure and Powerful Women of God!

Pure Empowerment focuses on teaching young women to remain pure of heart and intentional in their passions, purity, pursuits, and purpose.
Through Pure EmPowerment, tweens and teens alike can take a powerful stand for sexual integrity, modesty, and their divine purpose.

My style of teaching is down to earth and funny. I’m honest about my own life, and share my greatest successes and least impressive moments as well. I know you can relate to not only me, but my message as well.


I have a message for young people where I share from my own personal life experiences. I focus on helping young people learn to SHINE no matter what their circumstances may be. With support of family, friends and teachers, I turned my own struggles into success.

Having been diagnosed with a learning disability in third grade, school was never easy for me, in fact, it was huge challenge. But I overcame great obstacles, including dyslexia, and went on to finish college and then to receive a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

My stories motive and inspire young people to greatness. And I share the tools to succeed at school and ultimately in life.

This is an uplifting message tailored toward students in Third Grade and up and in either a Christian or secular setting.