I am a Christian Life Coach, teacher, speaker and writer.

I love teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of scriptures, storytelling and good old life application. My passion is to empower, equip and encourage women of God of all ages to fulfill their dreams passions and purpose!

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Pure Empowerment For Young Women

I chose the name Pure EmPowerment for a reason; I want young women to feel empowered when they make choices they are proud of and that honor God.

I’ve taken the best of my seminars, teachings and insights to make  Seminar  for young women that is PURE EmPowerment!  This seminar meets once a week for six weeks long  or retreat is designed  for your church.

I want to empower,  equip and encourage young women to be Pure and Powerful Women of God!

Discovering A New You

This is a one-day seminar where women learn ways to achieve emotional, physical and spiritual well-being from the inside out.

This seminar focuses on perfecting the mind, body and spirit connection. We will discuss finding balance in women’s emotions and in their particular season of life.  Teachings will also include celebrating a woman’s worth, conquering negative self talk, managing stress and goal setting.

SHINE For Schools

I have a message for young people where I share from my own personal life experiences. I focus on helping young people learn to SHINE no matter what their circumstances may be.  With support of family, friends and teachers, I turned my own struggles into success.

Having been diagnosed with a learning disability in third grade, school was never easy for me, in fact, it was huge challenge.  But I overcame great obstacles, including dyslexia, and went on to finish college and then to receive a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

My stories motive and inspire young people to greatness.  And I share the tools to succeed at school and ultimately in life.

Power Prayer Girls

Power Prayer Girls is a powerful message on the power of prayer! It is my desire to help women build a deeper and more life changing relationship with Christ through prayer.  I also share how to establish intimate Power Prayer Girl Partnerships with other women!

I am also excited about my new book, The Power Prayer Girl Handbook, to help empower and equip women to be mighty intercessors for Christ!  It is due out in the Fall.

The book and my message is inspired by the amazing power of prayer that I witnessed first-hand in the life of my mother.

I Was Once A Beauty Queen

These are life lessons from a determined, dedicated Godly Gal who has been there, done that and lived to tell about it.

As a former pageant queen, I know the importance of taking care of yourself. As a mother, I also know the importance of staying rejuvenated, replenished and keeping your life in balance ~ both as a mother and a wife.

It is my desire to help equip women to embrace this time and make the most of it. It is also key to never lose “you” and God’s purpose for you along the way. Come be renewed and refreshed in this season of your life.

I Was Once A Pageant Queen is great for moms with children of any age, and can be expanded from a one-hour talk to a weekend escape and renewal for moms.

The Legacy Of The Three Gifts

In this session I share how we can leave a lasting impression on those we meet by imparting three great gifts. I use scriptures, personal stories and a few personal props to make the legacy of the Three Gifts come alive for women.

It’s a perfect message year-round, and especially meaningful at Christmas and Mother’s Day.  The Legacy of the Three Gifts is perfect for a luncheon or dinner, and can be expanded into an entire retreat weekend.