Pushing Rocks Up a Hill With a Dear Friend And A Plan

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Have you ever felt like  you were pushing rocks up a hill? I mean really pushing boulders up a mountain with no end in sight in some rickety old wheel barrel. Some weeks are just hard, some days are just hard too.  Okay, frankly, sometimes life is just plain hard, isn’t it? And there is nothing wrong with being honest and admitting that sometimes we struggle, even on Thankful Thursdays.  To act as though life were easy would be to me dishonest.  And I, my friends, am about being as real, honest and as...

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Mondays With Moms: Making Our Mark ~ MOMs Feeling FabYOUous

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Feeling fabulous isn’t always easy especially for busy MOMs who are running here and there.  Children are precious  but sometimes they happen to throw up on you, pick their nose and wipe it on you or toot in a close radius.  Those are not things that make a MOM feel fabYOUlous … Right? Right? Every MOM knows that kids, tweens and teens keep us on our toes and sometimes so busy we don’t feel we can take care of ourselves. Some may even say it isn’t necessary to feel fabulous and that...

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Parent’s and Teens and Tweens ~ Keep Talking, Talking, Talking

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Ok, Teens Keep Talking Please and most importantly keep the lines of communication open. The bottom line is … Talk to your parents. Talk to your pastor. Talk to your mentors. Talk to your Coaches. Talk to your teachers. Talk to those that you know you can trust to give you sound Godly wisdom,  Everyone has advice and everyone has an opinion.  But the important thing is who are you getting your advice and wisdom from.  Ask and seek guidance from those you know have greater wisdom than you do and those who...

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Thankful Thursday ~ Coaching and Ministering in Tulsa!

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Coaching, Ministering and Supporting Women in Tulsa at The Miss Oklahoma Pageant and First United Methodist Church Corby Carlin Winters Master Certified Christian Life Coach, Speaker, Writer, Evangelist Presents Fit, FabYOUlous and Fierce ~ Top Tips to Living Life in your Passion and Purpose June 11, 2016 ~ Saturday ~ 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Continental Breakfast First United Methodist Church ~ Thomas Hall Ladies we want to invite you to put aside the laundry, chores, and the distractions of your life. Join...

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Thankful Thursdays ~ The Stuff That Makes Me Crazy! Encore’

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What if on this Thankful Thursday … You lose your keys … You lose your dog … You can’t find your purse and you’re late to a meeting … You get home with all the hamburgers and no fries … Or you’re at the checkout at some grocery store and realize  you forgot the eggs in the deepest darkest part of the store. So you have to haul all the way back to get them.  Worse yet, you fill your cart and get ready to check out and you realized you left your wallet at home....

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We Can’t Just Skip Thanksgiving Can We? ~ Thankful Thursdays

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I have a confession to make.  I have to be really, really honest on this Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving day. Here goes, there have been moments I have thought to myself, “Can’t we just skip Thanksgiving? Really, let’s just get on with Christmas! However,this year it seems every store is jumping the gun and moving onto Christmas for the last several months even…  Moving faster than I have even wanted too and that says a lot. I love Christmas! I mean LOVE Christmas! I love the  decorating,...

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